Georgia election official says possible Perdue, Loeffler losses Trump’s fault

Georgia's very-vocal voting system implementation manager isn't falling silent about the runoff — or Trump.

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Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s very-vocal voting system implementation manager, believes the potential election loss of Sen. David Perdue and the actual election loss of Sen. Kelly Loeffler fall on President Donald Trump. 

“It will fall squarely on the shoulders of President Trump and his actions since Nov. 3,” Sterling, who is Republican, said in a live CNN interview. 

Gabriel Sterling (left), Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, sets the record straight Monday at a press conference addressing President Donald Trump’s falsehoods about his state’s voting. (Photos by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images and Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“When you tell people your vote doesn’t count and has been stolen and people start to believe that — and then you go to the two senators and tell them to ask the secretary of state to resign and trigger a civil war inside the Republican Party when you need Republicans to unite — all of that stems from his decision-making since the Nov. 3rd election.” 

Perdue and Loeffler competed in Senate runoff races yesterday against Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock, and the nation’s still awaiting results of the Perdue-Ossoff matchup. Warnock soundly beat Loeffler.

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TheGrio previously reported on Sterling blasting the president in early December for his rhetoric about Georgia’s election process, falsehoods he’s echoed for months. 

“It has all gone too far,” Sterling boomed at a press conference at the Georgia Capitol. “It has to stop.”

“Mr. President, you have not condemned these actions or this language,” he said. “Senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions … Stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence.”

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Sterling participated in a press conference Monday after the previous day’s release of Trump’s recorded call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday, during which the president asked him to “find” enough votes to change the state’s election outcome. The visibly frustrated Sterling decried the obvious dishonesty, making it clear the voters he serves deserve more.

“This is all easily provably false, yet the president persists, and by doing so undermines Georgians’ faith in the election systems, especially Republican Georgians in this case,” Sterling said earlier this week. 

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He was not the only Georgia Republican to blame President Trump for the scenario of loss for the GOP. 

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan told ABC News he was “absolutely” concerned about Trump’s comments depressing Republican turnout. 

“Unfortunately,” Duncan said, “too many folks in our party over the last two months have been talking about misinformation, election fraud and creating a distraction.” 

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