JT leaves Twitter after she was criticized for blocking a fan with cancer

Miami rapper deletes Twitter account for the second time in less than four months after receiving backlash for behavior on the app

JT of the hip-hop duo City Girls has come under fire for blocking a Twitter account, said to be that of a fan with cancer, reaching out to speak to her.

The bombardment of backlash led to JT deactivating her Twitter account, which amassed more than 1 million followers.

The Miami rapper had been receiving tweets from a girl who says she’s battling cancer. In screenshots of now-deleted tweets shared by PopCrave, it shows the girl, Shaddai Randolph, had been asking JT to call her for a quick talk.

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Along with a photo taken in a hospital surrounded by visitors, Randolph posted, “Hey JT, sorry to bother u. I know I’ve said this b4, but I’m a fan of urs and I think ur amazing and funny.”

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The tweet continues, “Seeing u help me keeps my spirits up when I’m in pain. I’m dying and have cancer. You said u would DM me but never did. I still would like [to] FaceTime you for 5 mins if possible. Luv u.”

While other users tweeted at the rapper to encouraging her to make the call, Randolph tweeted that had, in fact, been blocked by JT’s account.

“She blocked me,” Randolph said in response to one user.

JT, whose real name is Jatavia Johnson, took to social media to confirm that she did indeed block Randolph, but explained that it wasn’t for malicious or callous reasons. JT stated she had been engaged in an argument on Twitter with another woman and Randolph’s tweet was in the replies of that thread.

“I had a full big argument with a grown ass woman on there,” JT said in a video post. “It had nothing to do with the girl with the cancer.”

She stated that she blocked Randolph because “there was too much going” in the argument thread between her, the other woman and other Twitter users commenting on the heated exchange.


“So you know what I did? I blocked her; ‘I’m gonna get back to you,'” JT continued.

She then lashed out at naysayers who were condemning her for seeming to ignore Randolph.

“Stop trying to make this false ass story,” she said. “I would never say f— nobody with no f—ing cancer.”

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JT then admitted to deleting her Twitter account.

“And I deactivated Twitter because everything I say and do now — I can’t even be happy in peace.”

Randolph’s account has also disappeared from the app.

This is not the first time JT has deactivated her Twitter account. According to Complex, the “Act Up” rapper turned the lights out on her profile last December after receiving backlash for posts she made years back invoking Nazis and R. Kelly that some found to be inappropriate.

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