Sophia A. Nelson offers keys to unlock fulfilling life with ‘The Woman Code’

EXCLUSIVE: The book complied of 20 powerful keys aims to help women create a life of grace and purpose regardless of age or stage in life

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Journalist and political pundit Sophia A. Nelson has re-released her book, “The Woman Code,” to inspire women as they navigate unprecedented challenges during COVID-19. The book, originally released in 2014, was a global bestseller. Still, as COVID-19 has impacted women, particularly women of color, Nelson felt that it was time to revamp her 20 keys to life that will help women thrive in 2021.

“We are doing this because COVID has really hit women hard, and it’s particularly hit women of color hard, and I felt strongly that I needed to do something,” the author and journalist told theGrio.

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Nelson’s book, “The Woman Code,” is a no-nonsense guide for women that provides them the keys to unlock a fulfilling life and has now been updated with new insights on societal and economic shifts that have arisen since the beginning of the pandemic. The book complied of 20 powerful keys aims to help women create a life of grace and purpose regardless of age or stage in life.

The Woman Code
(Photo: Simon & Schuster)

Nelson, who is also a contributing editor for theGrio, touched on why this was the perfect time to re-release “The Woman Code” and what she hopes readers will retain from her 20 keys to unlock your life outlined in the book. 

“I really realized that women were struggling with self-care. We might do everything else, but we are really bad at looking out for ourselves first,” Nelson told theGrio

The recent updates on the book’s codes emphasize the importance of self-care, especially during such uncharted times. Nelson emphasized the first code of the book, “Know Your Value,” and the very last code, which is “reconnect yourself,” which does a great job in offering ways to better care for our mental and physical health. 

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With the book, Nelson also hopes to push the importance of being more relational human beings as opposed to transactional in our relationships, especially in a time like this when it is harder to obtain and maintain them. 

“We are transactional versus relational, and one of my goals is to make sure that we are relational human beings; right versus transactional, we treat people like we can cut them off and keep it moving. I think that we really have to change that,” Nelson emphasized.

Nelson also discussed the vitality of knowing your value as a major theme throughout “The Woman Code.” “The key thing about knowing your value is that it has nothing to do with anybody else; it only has to do with you, only has to do with you. That’s it,” said Nelson. 

The bestselling book has been revamped in 2021 to offer an up-to-date guide for women to follow as they navigate life in the most unforeseen circumstances and offers a refreshing take on the importance of self-care and reclaiming your value in your life.

Through “The Woman Code,” Nelson offers the keys to unlocking a woman’s most fulfilling and revitalizing life and has updated the message to be more applicable than ever in our day-to-day lives.

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