‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown is expecting child with fiancé

After gaining online infamy for a Gorilla Glue mishap, Brown announces she is pregnant with her sixth child

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Tessica Brown is pregnant!

The woman dubbed “Gorilla Glue Girl” announced she is expecting a child with her fiancé, Dewitt Madison. She shared the news in an Instagram post Saturday morning.

“Blessed,” she wrote in a caption.

Brown, who gained internet infamy after revealing that she used Gorilla Glue adhesive in her hair, reportedly took four pregnancy tests to confirm the news with a photograph of said tests.

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This will be Brown’s sixth child, with her first five being from a previous relationship. Madison, a lawn care and floor cleaning business owner, has four children of his own from a prior relationship. The couple, who got engaged last June, will blend their family for a total of 10 kids altogether.

Brown is scheduled to for an appointment next week to take an ultrasound in order to confirm how far along she is in her pregnancy.

The news of her forthcoming child is a bright light for Brown, 40, after some serious situations for her hair and online presence over the past few months.

As previously reported by theGrio, Brown was introduced to the public eye in February after she posted to her social media state that she had used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray on her hair as an alternative after she ran out of her Got2b glued freeze spray. She said in a video that her hair had been stuck for a month and could not fix it.

“It don’t move,” Brown said. “I’ve washed my hair 15 times, and it don’t move!”

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Brown even posted one of her attempts to fix her hair with shampoo to her social media, but again, it proved unsuccessful.

Gorilla Glue is a heavy-duty product that is normally used as a permanent adhesive for things like wood and pieces of broken furniture. Brown was advised by Gorilla Glue via Twitter to try putting her hair “in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol.” Neither method worked.

Brown was able to remove the glue and fix her hair after a surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, discovered her via social media and offered his services, which was paid via a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign.

Despite her viral video leading to being found by Obeng, Brown stated that she regretted posting her Gorilla Glue predicament, as she receiverd hurtful backlash.

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue thegrio.com
(Instagram screenshot)

“I told my son today, ‘I wish I could just go back,’ because I’m over it. I’m over it,” Brown said. “I’m usually the person that I don’t care what people say. I just move at my own pace. I don’t care what people say, but it’s just getting to the point where people are on TV saying stuff about me.”

Later that month, she met with Obeng again, this time for a breast augmentation, according to theGrio. However, during a pre-surgery consultation, a lump in her breast was discovered.

Obeng performed a mammogram and saw masses in Brown’s breast. They were removed and tested for cancer.

Fortunately, as reported by TMZ, the masses did not contain any cancer.

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