Gorilla Glue girl Tessica Brown says she’s going to be Kylie Jenner of hair care

"My hair is already growing back," Brown said.

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Tessica Brown, famously known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” is allegedly on track to becoming a billionaire thanks to her new line of hair care products. 

Brown wants to be the Kylie Jenner of hair care following the launch of her “Forever Hair” products. She has reportedly bagged over $25,000 in sales so far, “and the early returns have her determined to become a billionaire just like Kylie did with makeup,” TMZ reports.

Brown has so far sold over 1000 bottles of her “Forever Hair” oil.

“At this point, I want to be the Kylie Jenner of hair brands,” she tells TMZ.

Brown intends to use the profits earned so far to “buy a home for me and my kids,” she shares. She has also vowed to pay it forward by buying her mother and sisters a house and giving her church a nice chunk of money. 

As previously reported by theGrio, Brown launched a line of hair care products aimed to promote hair growth. She made headlines earlier this year after revealing that she used Gorilla Glue in her hair. In February, she posted a video to her social media in which she explained that she used Gorilla Glue spray on her hair as an alternative after she ran out of her Got2b glued freeze spray.

She said her hair had been stuck for a month and she was advised by Gorilla Glue via Twitter to put her hair “in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol.” Neither method worked.

Brown was able to remove the glue after a surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, discovered her via social media and offered his services, which were paid for via a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. Brown has since been documenting her hair restoration journey on social media.

Tessica Brown thegrio.com
(Credit: Brown)

In a recent message shared with her Instagram followers, Brown wrote: “I’m so excited to share with y’all my amazing hair product I’ve been working on for months that helped my hair grow and keeps my scalp healthy, ‘Forever Hair.’ Ya all know I how I love my hair products and I cannot wait for you to try them. #LinkInBio to check them out. Tag a friend who needs help with their hair. Good for ALL HAIR TYPES ♥️ www.TBForeverHair.com.”

Brown’s new “Forever Hair” products are currently available as a bottle of ‘growth-stimulating oil’ that’s selling for $18, and a $14 bottle of holding spray, as reported by thejasminebrand.com. In the TMZ clip above, she said a shampoo and conditioner will be available “really soon.”

Brown credits the products for her new hair growth following the mishap with Gorilla Glue. 

“As ya’ll already know, about four months ago I ran out of hairspray and ended up using Gorilla Glue spray. Bad, bad idea! And a result of that, I ended up losing my hair and having scalp damage,” Brown shared in a video message posted on social media.

“Since then I have been working with professionals to create and formulate a hair growth oil. I needed this oil to one, heal my scalp. I needed it to grow my hair back [and] stimulate my hair follicles. And on top of that, I needed everything to be all-natural,” she continued. 

Brown has been using her products for two months, “My hair is already growing back,” she said.

theGrio’s Matthew Allen contributed to this report.

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