Lil Nas X dances nude in provocative prison-themed ‘Industry Baby’ music video

In addition to giving the public a music video to remember, Lil Nas X is also using "Industry Baby" to bring attention to the issue of cash bail

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Lil Nas X is at it again with yet another music video sure to get the people going.

The Grammy Award-winning artist released his latest single “Industry Baby” and its companion visual early Friday, after days of teasing the cinematic video.

As theGrio previously reported, Lil Nas X trolled his critics in a preview of the music video set inside of a courtroom. The clip made light of the musician’s earlier controversy involving custom Nike Air Max shoes adorned with the symbol of Satan and a drop of real human blood in its soles. The unauthorized sneakers led to a lawsuit filed by Nike against MSCHF, a third-party company that partnered with Lil Nas X on the footwear meant to promote his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” The two companies have since settled.

In the “Industry Baby” prelude, Lil Nas X appeared to be on trial over the “Satan Shoes,” but as it turns out, he was actually sentenced to five years in the fictional Montero State Prison for being gay and his “momma” knowing about it. The anticipated music video picks up where the prelude left off with Lil Nas X behind bars. While there, the musician, rocking a pink jail jumpsuit, continues his trolling of those who’ve accused him of pushing a so-called gay agenda.

The provocative video features gay men twerking around Lil Nas X, as he and his co-conspirators take over the prison and become every homophobe’s nightmare. One scene even features a dance sequence with Lil Nas X and his backup dancers dancing completely nude. Of course, like any classic prison storyline, the video (which also features rapper Jack Harlow) ends with the rapper and his fellow inmates breaking out of prison.

Judging by the reactions online, Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” is already considered a hit. Fans gushed over the song and music video, which has so far garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube, for its unabashed expression of homosexuality.

“Look, if you’re my age and endured the STRESS of watching episodes of “Oz” as a kid just so you could see some prison peen, Lil Nas X’s new video really hits. He did this one for us,” tweeted author Saeed Jones.

Many tweets reacted to one notable lyric in which Lil Nas raps, “I don’t f**k bitches, I’m queer.”

#OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign praised Lil Nas X for being “different in the best possible way.”

“Out and proud, killing the social media game, giving back to important causes and living his best life. It’s amazing to watch. I hope the people around him continue to uplift and protect him. I’m a fan,” she tweeted.

In addition to giving the public a music video to remember, Lil Nas X is also using “Industry Baby” to bring attention to the issue of cash bail, which disproportionately impacts Black Americans who often cannot afford it. Below the YouTube video, the rapper promotes a fundraiser for The Bail Project, a non-profit combating mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system.

“Music is the way I fight for liberation. It’s my act of resistance. But I also know that true freedom requires real change in how the criminal justice system works. Starting with cash bail,” Lil Nas X said in a written message shared with the fundraising campaign.

“This isn’t just theoretical for me. It’s personal. I know the pain that incarceration brings to a family. And I know the disproportionate impact that cash bail has on Black Americans.

“People like Vita from New OrleansKamren from Austin, and Leticia from Baton Rouge—their stories remind us why we must take action,” he added.

“So I’m doing something about it and I invite you to join me. Ending cash bail is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time. Donate what you can to the Bail X Fund. Let’s bring people home & let’s fight for freedom and equality.”

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