Sex workers slam OnlyFans for ‘betraying’ them after site bans ‘sexually explicit’ content

"I made it my entire livelihood, and quit my dreams of becoming a doctor to pursue a full-time career on the site," a creator said.

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OnlyFans creators are outraged this week after the website announced that it will no longer allow any “sexually explicit” content starting in October.

For the last few years, the site has gained notoriety as the go-to destination for models and sex workers looking to digitally share their explicit photos and videos with their fanbases. Participation and mainstream acceptance of the site skyrocketed even more during the pandemic after the adult film industry shut down over fears about COVID safety and much of the globe found itself stuck in the house during lockdowns.

Thursday, OnlyFans announced it would be “evolving its content guidelines” due to mounting pressure from financial investors. 

(Credit: OnlyFans)

But for many sex workers, the site has become their main or primary source of income, and the decision to censor them after “using” them for so long feels like a betrayal.

“I feel betrayed by OnlyFans, I made it my entire livelihood, and quit my dreams of becoming a doctor to pursue a full-time career on the site,” creator Camila Elle, 21, explained to The Daily Mail.

“Sex workers built this platform, it’s a business to us. We were the ones who promoted OnlyFans across social media,” the college student pointed out. “They used us to build the site and now they’re throwing us away.”

New York-based OnlyFans star Ona Artist not only echoes Elle’s sentiments she also predicts that the upcoming explicit content ban will likely mark the end of the site’s meteoric rise. In her opinion, rather than be held captive by the new guidelines because many of its creators will eventually adapt and find another platform that will allow them to keep sharing sexually explicit content with their devotees.

“If OnlyFans does go ahead with this it’s suicide,” she said. “They might claim it’s because of payment processors rules but those companies put through porn purchases all over the web.”

“Models will always find a way to share sexual content with those who want it.”

Nita Marie, a Christian model who averages $1.8 million a year from her nearly one million subscribers, says that the new ban could also put people’s lives at risk, by robbing sex works of a “safe and legal” outlet through which to earn money.

“OnlyFans helps reduce sex trafficking and illegal sex work as it’s down to the creators who choose to post content,” said the 45-year-old.

“Online sex work is verified, safe and legal and OnlyFans also offers an opportunity for the user to interact with the creator in a safe environment,” she noted. “Changing their conditions could cause huge issues for people.”

Former Washington NAACP head Rachel Dolezal, the woman best known for pretending to be Black, has applied for and was granted a channel on OnlyFans. (AP)

Despite the current backlash, this week Rachel Dolezal — the woman best known for pretending to be Black to teach Africana studies at Eastern Washington University and lead the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP — announced she applied for and was granted a channel on the site, theGrio previously reported.

In an Instagram post, she wrote that she plans to share content at least three times a week with some bonus content. She noted that her page will have, “a little something for (almost) everyone. Looking forward to bringing you some great content!” 

Dolezal — who, notably, identifies as “transracial” — noted that her channel will feature “Monday Motivation=Gym/Fitness/Squats n Other Stuff.” Wednesday will feature “hair-chair conversations” with her clients, as well as hair tutorials. On Fridays, she’ll reportedly create and discuss her art.

She added her channel will also feature “other/random” things like “foot pics,” “makeup tutorials” and “maybe random tasteful other pics.” 

OnlyFans points out that creators can continue to share content with nudity “as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy.”

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