For the fur babies: Pet-perfect holiday gifts by Black-owned brands

Looking for a holiday present for your pet? We’ve rounded up 12 top gifts from Black-owned pet brands. 

Got a fur baby at home? We hope you’ve saved room on your holiday shopping lists for the four-legged members of your life because we have gathered 12 gifts any furry friend would be delighted to receive.

For both cats and dogs, we’ve rounded up some of the best in pet treats, skin and fur care, wellness, toys, and accessories, all by Black-owned pet brands. We’ve even thought of you folks who may not have a fur baby of your own but want to support the beloved pet owners in your lives. 

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For the good boys and good girls 

Dog Treat Bundle by Ava’s Pet Palace (Image: Ava’s Pet Palace)

A gift guaranteed to induce a happy tail wag or a sweet kitty’s purr is a delectable treat. Pet treats come in so many varieties these days but we are especially excited about the selection offered by Ava’s Pet Palace. Founded by a young Black business owner, the brand offers two variety packs for dogs with savory, sweet, and fish options—and a salmon flavor for cats. 

Dog Treat Bundle


Soft Jerky Cat Treats


For their wellness

Pet Wellness Supplement Sample Set by Homescape Pets (Image: Homescape Pets)

When we are feeling achy or low-energy, we may reach for the hemp oil or CBD cream, or take something to give us a boost. Likewise, our pets may enjoy the same treatment for their aches and fatigue. For those pets that may need some help sleeping, moving, or generally being in a better mood, we recommend the Wellness Sample Set by Homescape Pets. The set includes a bottle of the brand’s Daily Thrive Oil, a bottle of its Restful Pet Oil, and its Muscle Mobility Food Supplement. 

Wellness Sample set 


For their skin—and fur

Bark & Tumble pet balms (Image: Bark & Tumble)

From dry paws to irritated noses to inflamed skin, our pets could use a little TLC every once in a while. Spoil them this holiday season with a little skincare. Containing olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil, Bark & Tumble’s Restore Pet Balm was created to help repair and hydrate damaged and dry paws, noses, and irritated skin. 

Restore Pet Balm

$14.63 USD

For their sense of style

Cuban Link Collar by Trill Paws (Image: Trill Paws)

Pets can be an extension of our own personalities and style. Understanding this, the folks over at Trill Paws have created a collection of pet accessories that will have any dog or cat in drip rivaled only by their owner. Our personal favorite, the Cuban Link collar, is perfect for a stylish fun-loving pet. 

Cuban Link Gold Chain Collar


For odor control

Happy Jasmine Pet Odor Eliminator candle by Gerrard Larriet
(Image: Gerard Larriet)

Perhaps you know someone who loves having their pet in the house but does not love the smells that can come with it. Help them fight pet odor this holiday season with a candle specifically devised for the task. We recommend the Happy Jasmine Pet Odor Eliminator candle by Gerrard Larriet, which not only fights pet odor but also promotes cleansing energy in the air. 

Happy Jasmine Pet Odor Eliminator candle


For poppin’ their collar

Drake Tears Pet Tag by Trill Paws (Image: Trill Paws)

Why have a generic pet tag when you can have a slice of pizza, a sneaker, or even a crying Drake dangling from your pet’s collar? Update their pet tag this holiday season with a standout design. The selection at Trill Paws spans culture, phrases, food, and even the holidays, but a personal favorite is the Drake Tears Tag

Drake Tears Tag


For the warm and fuzzies 

Candy Cane knit jumper by Bark & Tumble (Image: Bark & Tumble)

With the exception of a few certain breeds, our pets are typically covered in fur, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get chilly when the temperature drops. It also doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate dressing cozy, just like we do. Wrap them up in a pet sweater this holiday season to keep them feeling all the warm and fuzzies. 

Candy Cane Sleeveless Knit Jumper

$54.84 USD

For pets that jet set

Air Travel Carrier by Wild One sold at Sir Dogwood (Image: Sir Dogwood)

If they’re are always on the go with their pet in tow, this holiday season, get them something for both: A new pet carrier. The curated selection over at Sir Dogwood keeps the style-conscious in mind; top of our list is the Air Travel Carrier by Wild One, currently sold at Sir Dogwood in tan, green, and black. 

Air Travel Carrier – Tan 


For your dogg

Deluxe Doggie Doobie Pet Toy by Snoop Doggie Doggs (Image: Snoop Doggie Doggs)

Snoop Dogg, along with his wife Shante, recently launched Snoop Doggie Doggs so other pets could have a taste of the lush life he affords his own pooches. If you also think “a dog’s life” should actually mean luxury, treat your dog to a new deluxe chew toy. Some of our favorites from the new line include the Deluxe Doggie Doobie and the Deluxe Boom Box

Deluxe Doggie Doobie


For your feline

Black Women Empowerment Cat Kicker by SciPaws (Image: SciPaws)

Nothing thrills some cats more than playing “soccer.” It doesn’t matter what they have on hand for a ball; they will kick a crumpled-up receipt or a straw wrapper if they have to. Next time they get the urge, make sure they have a toy meant to be kicked and caught. SciPaws has a collection of irresistible cat kickers that include a catnip-filled pillow attached to a teaser tail and come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Black Women Empowerment Cat Kicker


For the dog mom

Dog Mom AF Crewneck by Brixxy & Co (Image: Brixxy & Co)

Some pet owners are passionate about their pets. No pet kitsch is too kitschy for them. For the dog parent you know is proud and not afraid to show it, gift them an apparel item that helps them say it with their chest. We think the “Dog Mom AF” crewneck by Brixxy & Co will help them get the point across. 

Dog Mom AF Crewneck 


For the shelter savior

Unisex Queen Hoodie by TrapKing (Image: TrapKing)

Most pet parents are supportive of initiatives that help other housepets, as millions land in shelters each year. For that friend who loves their shelter cats, it may be really meaningful to gift them something that supports rescue initiatives. TrapKing, a former rapper-turned-cat-rescuer, is passionate about diversifying the pet rescue industry and helping cats, in particular. Support his efforts by buying the cat lovers in your life some TrapKing Merch

Unisex Queen Hoodie


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