TheGrio TV’s ‘Masters of the Game’ kicks off Season 2 with Tabitha Brown

With new host Maiysha Kai, theGrio TV's "Masters of the Game" launches its second season of Black genius with the incredible Tabitha Brown.

What’s it like to sit down and chat with Tabitha Brown? The millions who follow “America’s Mom” on social media already know the actress, influencer, and vegan aficionado sprinkles a certain amount of magic wherever she appears. However, as Brown sat down with me, Maiysha Kai, to kick off the second season of theGrio TV’s monthly interview show “Masters of the Game,” she pulled back the curtain on what makes her story and style so relatable. While she may appear an overnight success, Brown’s climb to the top hasn’t been easy or direct. Like many of us, she’s a dreamer; no matter what we may be going through, she wants us to dare to dream, too.

“Sometimes, you feel like [you’re] not going to make it. And if somebody has made it and got to the other side of it and saw the light again, as I have, to me, that’s my responsibility,” said Brown, “[It’s] to have grace with somebody, be patient with them, give them the empathy, hold their hand, [and] see them.”

Of course, in addition to her natural charm, radiant smile and talent for creating delectable and delightful content, Brown’s magic is that she dares to dream big, leveraging a zeitgeist moment on social media into a multimedia career in three short years. It also made her the perfect guest to help launch a new season of “Masters of the Game” with a new host — yours truly — during which I’ll be speaking one-on-one with incredible Black people from every sector to learn the methods behind their magic.

For Brown, it’s intuiting the core needs of her ever-growing audience.

“Sometimes, I show up, and I might be your friend; I might be your sister, your mama, your auntie,” she said. “Whatever it is you need in that moment. I’m all right with it all because I feel like it’s part of my purpose.”

Season 2 of “Masters of the Game” with Maiysha Kai as host premieres with the incredible, indomitable, unsinkable Tabitha Brown at 8 p.m. ET Friday (March 31) on theGrio TV.

Maiysha Kai is theGrio’s lifestyle editor, covering all things Black and beautiful. Her work is informed by two decades of experience in fashion and entertainment, great books, and the brilliance of Black culture. She is also the editor-author of Body: Words of Change series.

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