‘SuperFest’: Cedric the Entertainer talks the ‘ The Original Kings of Comedy,’ being a triple-threat

The following Q&A with Cedric the Entertainer was condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

Following the premiere of “Byron Allen Presents The Comedy & Music SuperFest” in February, Allen Media Group’s John Kelley spoke with comedian Cedric the Entertainer to discuss the monumental event.

The variety show is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. ET Monday on theGrio Cable Network.

Below is a condensed transcript of Kelley’s Q&A with the comedian:

Cedric the Entertainer remembers his time with the Kings of Comedy (credit: theGrio)

John Kelley: An artist like you, a cat who has been doing this for a while, what does a night like this mean to you personally?

Cedric the Entertainer: I mean, one it’s just great because you have a night where all of your comrades are here, big comedians. So, we’re all backstage having a blast, great to see each other, because normally we only really have — we don’t have opportunities to do something like this. Mix that with music, big music stars and this is great. Byron is probably one of the few people that could put this together like this.

Kelley: Take us all back for a quick second. You’ve traveled the world entertaining masses all over the globe. Any moments that stand out to you that — you’ve been in a variety show — that is kind of magical that you’ll always have with you?

Cedric: Being on “The Original Kings of Comedy” was one of the biggest moments of my life and in my career, too, but the opportunity to be with my four brothers like that on these big stages — doing arenas, going out touring — this just allowed me to be in so many different kind of scenarios. You know, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a different one, too. Again, another kind of energy where you have to be prepared to be in the moment with the circumstance. It’s a political environment, but I’m here to be, you know, a comedian and I was able to rock that room. That felt good. These are things that just kind of pop in my head, and of course, you know, I loved having my variety shows. It was only one season, man, but I still think about some of the bits that we did on there. It’s those kind of things, to being able to truly express yourself, and I think that’s what we want to continue to show.

Kelley: You’re a true triple threat.

John Kelley & Cedric the Entertainment talk what it means to be a “triple threat” (credit: theGrio)

Cedric: Yeah.

Kelley: Sing, dance, comedy.

Cedric: Yeah.

Kelley: Come on, man.

Cedric: Yeah, you’ve got to get it. Go.

Kelley: Let it out.

Cedric: You got to get it. Plus, you know, I’ve been modeling lately.

Kelley: Oh, you have?

Cedric: No, no.

Kelley: You’ve got that GQ look, man. That sharp jawline. I see you, man.

Cedric: That dimple. Hold on. You might have to zoom in.

Kelley: Never getting tired. Please, please.

Cedric: It’ll come up. It’s shy.

Kelley: I love it. We appreciate you.

Cedric: My dawg, right on man!

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