Watch: Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr. at ‘Superfest’

"Byron Allen Presents The Comedy & Music Superfest" celebrated and amplified some of the best comedy and music entertainers in the game.

TheGrio is celebrating comedy during the month of July!

As previously reported by theGrio, in February 2023, “Byron Allen Presents The Comedy & Music Superfest” celebrated and amplified some of the best entertainers in the game. Comedians in attendance included Kenan Thompson, Tiffany Haddish, Tommy Davidson, Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr., all brought together by Allen, founder/chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group and owner of theGrio.

Check out some moments from Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr.

(From left) Tommy Davidson, Cedric the Entertainer, Gary Owen, Jodi Miller, Tiffany Haddish, Byron Allen, Jon Lovitz, Howie Mandel, Roy Wood Jr., Loni Love and Kenan Thompson onstage at “Byron Allen Presents the Music & Comedy SuperFest” at the Microsoft Theater. (Photo: Allen Johnson)

The following is a transcript of part of their sets.

Cedric the Entertainer: It is nice being downtown. I mean, not, you know, completely. I mean, L.A., the homeless situation got out of hand, but I mean it. God bless them, don’t get me wrong. But I, trying to do something nice, I went in. I got the homeless dude a whole pizza one day. Came out, say, “Bruh, I got you a pizza.”

He gonna tell me, “Is it gluten-free?

I said, “It’s free but the gluten gonna cost ya now.”

Roy Wood Jr.: Money not just tight for people. It’s tight for businesses too. Everybody cutting corners. They won’t even let us get all the napkins we want in the fast food spots no more.

You remember you used to be able to go up to the napkin dispenser, put your finger in there and get all the napkins. Give me about three inches worth of napkins.

Now, they got a hook; they got the thing. You can’t get your finger around the corner no more. They got to the thing. You got to take your napkins one at a time like a magician. They’re cutting corners.

Went to the coffee shop, the sugar behind the counter. I’m supposed to be in charge of the sugar. You know, the coffee shop used to trust us with the sugar. Now, you get the coffee, you go over to the little island where you’re supposed to make [inaudible], ain’t no sugar.

Now, I got to go back up to the coffee counter looking like a drug addict: “Let me get three packets, baby. Let me get three packets. You got three packets on you, baby? Just three packets. Just let me get one more packet, baby. I’m sorry.”

“I need glucose and fructose and sucrose. Baby, I got to get all of it.”

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