Watch: Grio Top 3 | What are the Top 3 breakup songs?

You know what lifts your spirits after a bad breakup? A fire playlist.

It’s a horrible feeling to break up with a person you thought would be your forever love. Whether your partner stepped out or you two just grew apart, it can still be a process adjusting to that person not being around. However, you know what eases the pain? A fire playlist! Listen in as host Jahliel Thurman and Alexandria Ikomoni share their Top 3 breakup songs.


Jahliel Thurman: Ohhh. This one is about to have us in our feelings.

Alexandria Ikomoni: OK.

Thurman: What are your Top 3 breakup songs?

Thurman: I’m going to start with my man’s Chris Breezy. “Say Goodbye.”

Ikomoni: Mmm, that’s a good one.

Thurman: That album was tough, but that “Say Goodbye” was yeah. 

Thurman: I’m going to go with my man’s who said “Cry Me a River.” I’m talking about Justin Timberlake. 

Thurman: And now, I’m going to really go somewhere that if you ever had someone or felt like you were in love with a person and it just wasn’t it no more. And you couldn’t really explain why you didn’t have that feeling for them?

Thurman: Donell Jones: “Where I Wanna Be.” 

Ikomoni: That one. Ohhh.

Thurman: Yeah! Yeah!

Ikomoni: Enough said!

Thurman: Those are the Top 3 for me!

Ikomoni: Those are some really good ones. I’m not even going to lie to you. 

Ikomoni: I’m going to say when I’m in my feelings, I’m in my feelings.

Ikomoni: It doesn’t happen often, but I have those moments. 

Ikomoni: OK, let’s start. I love Jhené Aiko: “The Worst.”

Thurman: OK.

Ikomoni: That song, I feel it. Like every single lyric, I feel that song. I’m going to put that up there.

Ikomoni: I’m a fan of Kehlani too!

Thurman: OK. 

Ikomoni: Kehlani has a song called “Valentine’s Day.” And it’s perfect. It’s more so like I’m the one who kept you stable. I’m the good one. I’m not even going to mention your name because you don’t deserve the recognition. You know I’m trying to take my power back. 

Thurman: Ohhhh.

Ikomoni: I love it. Here for it. 

Ikomoni: Last one, a little newer. Once again in my feelings. Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

Ikomoni: It gets me. That one gets me too! We’re not going to have that moment today or soon. But that one, I feel that one.

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