How to give back and give Black this Giving Tuesday

Give a gift that goes beyond wrapping paper by donating to Black nonprofit organizations for Giving Tuesday.

As you dig into the last bits of Thanksgiving leftovers today, consider digging into your philanthropic bag today for Giving Tuesday. Every year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, nonprofit organizations take part in the “global generosity movement” hashtagged #GivingTuesday, encouraging those who are able to do good. 

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A list of Black organizations to support this Giving Tuesday. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Whether you choose to donate your time, resources, or money, these organizations turn your donations into a force for good. In this season of generosity, here are nine Black nonprofit organizations not only changing lives but also reshaping the narrative of impact. 

Studio Museum of Harlem

Founded by a diverse group of artists, community activists, and philanthropists, the Studio Museum of Harlem is a network for art inspired by Black culture and artists of African descent from all over the world. In support of its mission to amplify Black art, the museum hosts an 11-month residency program for three local, national or international artists. This Giving Tuesday, the museum is accepting donations for the construction of “the first building in its history created expressly for the needs of the institution and its communities.” 

Click here to contribute to the construction of the first Studio Museum of Harlem building. 

P4H Global 

P4H Global is an organization committed to the sustainable and long-term development of vulnerable populations. Through its various training programs, the nonprofit works to empower local leaders, teachers, and organizations across the globe to create a lasting impact in communities. With the ultimate goal of redefining the world’s perspective on aid, P4H believes “donors and charity workers must move away from practices that only provide temporary relief and move towards evidence-driven aid that leads to long-term development.” Currently working to connect, equip, and empower the people of Haiti, P4H Global hopes to one day extend its efforts around the world. 

This Giving Tuesday, P4H Global will match donations up to $1,000 made between 9 am and 9 pm today. Click here to learn more! 

The Jamison Women of Ailey fund

In honor of Artistic Director Emerita Judith Jamison, the first Black woman to direct a major modern dance company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater created the Jamison Women of Ailey Fund. Designed to amplify and support women choreographers, dancers, artistic collaborators and more, donations to the fund will help the theater commission more female choreographers, support a new three-year Artist-in-Residence program, and scholarships for students at the Ailey school. 

Click here to make a gift today! 

Beauty 2 the Streetz

Beauty 2 the Streetz is an organization offering essential services to the unhoused of Skid Row, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Centering all its efforts on humanity, the organization led by Shirley Raines offers meals, showers, haircuts, and beauty services. In addition to helping those it serves regain a sense of confidence, the organization builds relationships and friendships within these communities rooted in compassion and equality, bringing not only beauty but humanity back to the streets. 

Click here to learn more about how to donate! 

The Hidden Genius Project

Founded in 2012 by five Black male entrepreneurs and technologists, The Hidden Genius works to uplift, train and mentor young Black men to help them unlock their full potential and celebrate their genius. With STEM being the fastest-growing segment of jobs, the organization trains young men in the field of technology creation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. From introductory workshops to intensive immersion programs, the project has served over 10,200 students. 

Click here to support their efforts! 

The Loveland Foundation

Established in 2018, the Loveland Foundation works to bring opportunity and healing to people of color, especially Black women and girls. Understanding the financial barriers that can limit minority groups’ access to mental health support, the foundation offers a Loveland Therapy Fund, which covers four to 12 therapy sessions. Additionally, the Loveland Foundation offers professional development workshops for therapists serving Loveland Therapy Fund recipients. 

Click here to see how you can support their cause!

The Okra Project 

The Okra Project is a Black trans-led mutual aid collective seeking to support Black trans people. By offering food security, housing security, safe transportation and mental health support, the collective hopes to create a “safe, abundant and equitable life for Black Trans people across the United States.” 

Click here to give a donation! 

Buy From a Black Woman 

Despite the growing number of Black women entrepreneurs, annual sales for Black-women-owned businesses comprise only one-fifth of those achieved by all women-owned businesses, largely due to a lack of awareness and support. Designed to bridge the gap for Black women business owners, the organization Buy From a Black Woman (BFABW) gives these entrepreneurs the tools and platform needed to help them succeed. In honor of Giving Tuesday and the three-year anniversary of their partnership, BFABW and the retailer H&M are encouraging shoppers to donate to the nonprofit’s mission

100 Black Men of America, Inc. 

100 Black Men of America is an organization that believes every Black person should have the ability to create the life they’ve always wanted. With chapters across the nation, 100 Black Men of America works to enhance educational and economic opportunities for African-Americans through mentorship and community programs. Find a local chapter or donate to the national organization today! 

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