Gift like theGrio: 16 items Black influencers are vying for this holiday season

Need tips for some last-minute holiday shopping? Check out these beauty, fashion, and travel favorites from Black influencers.

Are you scrambling for last-minute holiday gifts? Well, we are too! However, a handy secret theGrio relies on when stumped on what to shop is to turn to gift guides curated by Black influencers.

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Images, left to right: Cornrows Eau De Parfum (Marché Rue Dix), ATLEXO Luxury Workout Kit (Amazon), Fashion in Color, Vol.1 (Harlem’s Fashion Row)

Social media influencers excel in keeping abreast of the latest developments in their respective domains. Through collaborations with brands, crafting audience-tailored posts, and experimenting with new products, influencers stay well-informed about the trends in their purview. While popularity doesn’t solely determine quality, influencers undeniably make a significant impact on the scene. 

As gifts pour in between now and New Year’s, take a look below to see what items some of our favorite Black influencers have on their shopping lists this year — many of them from Black-owned brands.

Tanyka Renee

Tanyka Renee took Instagram by storm with her edgy travel photos highlighting Black women-centric adventure and luxury. While Instagram is great for imagery, Renee has also made it her mission to teach people how to live fulfilling lives doing what they love as a travel consultant, marketing maven, and social entrepreneur. Check out her seasonal favorites below. 

Left to right: Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum (Topicals); Vancropak Convertible Carry-on Garment Bag (Amazon), Sahar Sandals (Hanifa)

Beauty: If you’re tired of dry, flaky skin, it’s time to smooth things over with Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum,” Renee advises. “As soon as winter rolls around, my skin wants to act up and get all scaly, but I found the perfect serum that gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and dewy. And with regular use, it can help improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin for a radiant glow.”

Fashion: “You might call it a guilty pleasure, but I always look forward to holiday shopping,” Renee exclaims. “This year, if there’s one particular item on my wishlist, it’s from Hanifa. Every piece [is] a work of art, combining stunning fabrics and bold silhouettes. The Aida Knit Gown in cream? Stunning. Zahra Faux Leather Coat? Total must-have. And those Sahar Sandals? I can already envision the endless outfits I could create with them.” And guess what? All of the above are currently on sale for the season.

Travel: “I am so tired of playing the duffel bag Tetris game every time I travel, trying to squeeze all my belongings into one tiny carry-on,” Renee says. “I recently came across the brand Vancropak and fell in love with their personal item bags. They are the perfect size for fitting under airplane seats or in the overhead compartment while also providing ample room for packing everything you need. Most airlines allow you a carry-on and personal for free. With Vancropak, your personal item bag becomes a place where you can actually fit things. It’s like carrying two carry-ons.” The best part? Order now, and it’ll still arrive in time for Christmas travel.

Aygemang Clay

Aygemang Clay may be easy on the eyes (which explains his illustrious modeling career), but he is also an actor and a fashion and travel entrepreneur. His latest endeavor, Atlexo, is the first Black-owned Amazon top-selling luxury fitness kit that allows users to get in those reps wherever they journey in the world. 

Left to right: Sonsie Super Serum (Sonsie), ATLEXO Luxury Workout Kit (Amazon), BLK Power Boxer Briefs (BLK)

Beauty: “Sonsie Super Serum is perfect for the winter season where dry skin is prevalent, leaving my skin moisturized all day, while on set at shoots, and while I travel for work,” Clay declares. “It’s perfect for all skin types, and it’s loaded with all-natural ingredients.”

Fashion: BLK Underwear is my all-time favorite underwear that does not move, with a no-roll waistband and no-pull inseams, giving me one less thing to worry about so I can devote myself to the things that truly matter to me.”

Travel: “I developed the Atlexo to be your anytime, anywhere fitness studio, giving you access to 100+ workouts in the palm of your hand,” Clay explains. “Lightweight and durable, it fits easily into any carry-on or luggage, and it’s perfect for at-home or on-the-go workouts.”

Jessica Kameko

Jessica Kameko (Travel With Meko) is an NYC-based esthetician, lifestyle blogger, and major social media influencer focusing on “mommy-and-me” content. A single mother of two, Kameko has found ways to teach other mothers and families about the best in family travel. Check out her top holiday choices below.

Left to right: Cantu Travel-Size Hair Kit (Walmart), Dior D-Major Low Boots (Dior), Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Sephora)

Beauty: “I’m obsessed with the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which is an intense hydration lip balm with Vitamin C,” Kameko says. “This is the best hydrating lip moisture I’ve ever used! I can’t leave the house without it, and I always restock around the holiday season and give them to friends!”

Fashion: “It’s ski season, and I plan to go on a ski trip with my close friends after the holidays,” Kameko explains. “Dior’s D-Major Low boots would complete the perfect look I’m going for in Colorado. They look comfortable and stylish and are something I would need in the snow!”

Travel: “Cantu is one of my favorite hair brands that moisturizes my curls,” says Kameko. “As a frequent traveler who only travels with a carry-on, travel size is always needed! Living a soft girl life is the goal, so finding a travel-size hair kit that is already put together is pure luxury.”

Kelly Augustine

It’s one thing to have a professional career, but marketing yourself and owning the space on social media platforms is a whole other skill set — and Kelly Augustine has done just that. As a media personality, celebrity fashion stylist, lifestyle expert, and content creator, Augustine has been a voice for size, inclusivity, and diversity, challenging old beauty standards and pushing the needle forward, highlighting spaces where everybody is involved. Check out one of her favorite beauty buys below.

Cornrows Eau De Parfum (Marché Rue Dix)

Beauty: “The Cornrows Eau De Parfum from Marché Rue Dix, a Brooklyn-based boutique, is so reminiscent of my childhood,” Augustine muses. “It smells like my favorite products the women in my family use in my hair. There’s a sweetness and intimacy to this fragrance that feels like a nice hug.”

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Whitney Madueke

Whitney Madueke is a beauty expert and founder of an eponymous fashion line with impressive social media impact. As a Black woman in beauty, Madueke has carved out one of the most influential spaces online, taking on a big-sister role for other Black women, whether teaching them how to properly apply or locate beauty products that work for our skin tones. Check out Madueke’s beauty, fashion, and travel seasonal picks below.

Left to right: Laneige Lip Glow Balm (Sephora), Shout Wipe & Go Instant Remover Wipes (Target), Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (YSL)

Beauty: “I can’t live without lip balm,” Madueke says. “Soft, juicy lips are a must for me. I love Laneige Lip Glow Balm.”

Fashion: “One of my favorite perfumes, YSL’s Black Opium, is my finishing touch to any look,” Madueke explains. “ It’s a lovely fragrance that completes any look and leaves a memorable aroma in the room.”

Travel: “Stain removers are a life hack!” Madueke insists. “I have a dog; accidents happen, and Shout Wipe & Go Instant Remover Wipes are essential for me at home and on the go.”

Tai Beauchamp

Having dominated the editorial world at Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and O Magazine, Tai Beauchamp knows a thing or two about fashion, beauty, and luxury overall. Now, as the co-founder and chief brand officer of fine fragrance brand Brown Girl Jane, Tai spreads her beauty knowledge across her social media platforms. 

Left to right: Fashion in Color, Vol.1 (HFR), Galilee Rancher Fedora Hat (Born to Roam), Dare Cherry Stiletto Eau de Parfum (Brown Girl Jane)

Beauty: “As a beauty founder, I really think I have all I need!” exclaims Beauchamp. “I keep Brown Girl Jane’s Dusk, Dare, and Casablanca scents at the ready as they are my wellness boosts and help me tap into my divine feminine energy — which is where I am feeling super nestled these days! Even though I have a little bit of a hook-up with Brown Girl Jane, I’m equally delighted when folks gift me!”

Fashion: “I am a collector of both books and art,” Beauchamp shares. “The newly released “Fashion in Color, Vol.1” works with every room in my home. One already sits on my curated built-in bookcase in the main living area. But I’d love one for the guest room so they too can be inspired and have a moment of Black fashion and art.”

Travel: “I’m a hat girl through and through,” says Beauchamp. “It’s style elevation with ease even when my custom install by Shirley Gordon is perfectly coiffed. Whether I’m attending a Black-tie or out and about, a chic topper takes every day to another level, and the fact that the brand is called Born To Roam inspires my wanderlust.”

Noel Cymone Walker

Noel Cymone Walker is an NYC-based writer specializing in beauty, fashion, music, travel, and cultural anthropology. She has written and produced visuals for several notable publications such as The Recording Academy/The Grammys, The Fader, Billboard, OkayPlayer, Marie Claire, Glamour, Allure, Essence, Ebony, and more.

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