The total solar eclipse is only the first act of a powerful month astrologically

From Mercury retrograde to a mega rare conjunction, April may be one of the most powerful — albeit chaotic — months of the year.

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The solar eclipse on April 8 is just the beginning of a wild and chaotic month. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There’s been so much talk about the solar eclipse occurring during Mercury retrograde, the fact that there’s also a super new moon approaching this evening may be going unnoticed.

New moons are about new beginnings, and when a solar eclipse crosses one, it just ups the ante. That’s not the only aspect of today’s astrology that could be beneficial for many: April is gearing up to be, astrologically speaking, one of the most powerful months of the year. 

Both the eclipse and the new moon are happening in the sign of headstrong, ambitious Aries, our current astrological season. Plus, this is all going down before one of the strongest aspects of the entire year. On April 20, we will experience a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. If April were a play, Mercury retrograde — which kicked off on April 1 and lasts through April 25 — was the prelude, and this eclipse is the first act. 

Mercury retrograde

For generations, people have been complaining about Mercury retrograde. This notorious transit occurs when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward, and thus, aspects of life Mercury is associated with — communication, travel, technology, contracts — also appear to get thrown off track. 

It happens a few times throughout any given year and is more than enough to cause a decent level of chaos. This time around, given everything else that’s about to be in flux, prominent astrologers say some could be tripped up on how to move forward with big ideas and goals. Mercury retrograde is a great time to take a step back, brainstorm new solutions for old problems, and give yourself grace. 

The total solar eclipse 

Cue the Bonnie Tyler because, as you may be well aware, a total eclipse of the sun is occurring today. In actuality, this means the moon is passing directly between the sun and Earth, completely blocking the sun’s light on one side and casting a shadow on the other side. The eclipse will be visible in parts of the U.S. and Canada, so it could be felt the strongest there. However, it’s the sort of transit that will impact nearly everyone on some level.  

In astrology, this will hit like when you release a dam. It won’t be bad or good. It will be transformative, especially for any healing journeys. This eclipse is going to challenge us to delve into our past and release what needs to be let go. 

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The super new moon

This evening, when the new moon occurs, it’s also going to be the closest it can get to Earth, making it a super new moon. The closer the moon, the stronger its energy, so after it soaks up all of that total solar eclipse juice, it’s going to dip (or appear to be gone), having set the stage for epic manifestation

Got any goals? Tonight and especially the days following could be a great time to crack those knuckles and get to work — though, with Mercury retrograde lurking in the air and an eclipse’s penchant to quite literally hide things that come out later, proceed with caution. Lean heavily into this being a thinking and planning stage rather than a rush-to-act stage. Take your time.

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction 

Another major reason why right now is a planning stage and not a rush to action stage is that on April 20, Jupiter, the planet of luck, will collide with Uranus, the planet of surprises, in Taurus. So imagine everyone opening a fortune cookie, and it’s either going to be something fantastic or something less so, but all of it is completely unexpected. 

There’s a possibility that you could win big by reaching for something you really want, like, say, making an offer on a house. Then again, there’s also the possibility that doing so could result in it not working out. But even if you are dealt an unlucky hand this go-round, you will most likely become extremely clear on what you want and how to get it — a kind of winning!

Regardless of what twist of fate you’re dealt, the universe always gives us what we need. The tables can always turn. 

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