Shaquille O’Neal recalls purchasing suit on consignment for 1992 NBA Draft

After Caitlin Clark made headlines last week for her Prada outfit at the WNBA draft, Shaq reflected on the $1,500 suit he couldn't always afford.

Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t always been able to afford the finer things in life.

After Caitlin Clark made headlines last week at the WNBA draft as the first person dressed by Prada, O’Neal reminisced on his attire when the Orlando Magic selected him as the first overall pick at the 1992 NBA draft, People magazine reported.

“I just went to a suit store and got a suit on consignment,” the former LSU player said. “The suit was $1,500.”

A happy Shaquille O’Neal, from Louisiana State University, holds up his Orlando Magic jersey after he was the first pick at the NBA draft at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Ore., June 24, 1992. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

The retired NBA star played for six teams during his 19-year career before becoming a businessman and broadcaster. He said he “didn’t have $1,500 at the time” but the gentleman behind the counter believed in his athletic ability and cut him a solid deal, giving him “two suits for $3,000.”

O’Neal said the suits came in two colors. He wanted to do a “muddy green [color],” but, to his mother’s liking, he ended up in an “off-aquatic ocean green.”

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“I wasn’t into the design,” O’Neal shared, noting that he doesn’t consider himself a fashion expert or care much about high-end designer names. “I just know I had to represent my family, wear a nice, clean, professional business suit.”

O’Neal borrowed the green suits from what was known as “Rochester’s Big and Tall,” adding that the store inspired him to start his Big & Tall line at JCPenney.

“I’m told by my family and my friends I don’t really know and understand fashion,” the father of six shared. “My definition of fashion is, ‘How would you look if you’re trying to have a meeting with Jeff Bezos? How would you look if you are at a conference with President Barack Obama?'”

O’Neal added, “My own style is about professional or homeboy,” People reported.

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