Nick Cannon is in on the joke this Father’s Day

Actor and TV host Nick Cannon is opening up about his Father’s Day plans and getting in on the jokes about his abundant offspring. 

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Nick Cannon attends the Soul Train Awards in November 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)

Nick Cannon is in for one busy Father’s Day.

The father of 12, who told People magazine he’d like to spend the day resting, has declared he will find a way to connect and spend time with all of his children even as he spends the day on set filming for the hit show “The Masked Singer.”

“It’s supposed to be a day where I get to rest, but I want to give all my kids the opportunity to connect and give me gifts and all that type of stuff,” he told the publication. “It’s a fun day and I appreciate all the love that I get on that day.”

He continued, “It’s definitely one of those days where I gotta be on my Ps and Qs the entire day.”

The actor and TV personality is dad to twins Moroccan and Monroe, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey; sons Golden Sagon and Rise Messiah Cannon and daughter Powerful Queen, whom he shares with Brittany Bell; twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa; son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi; and daughter Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole.

He is also father to daughter Halo Marie Cannon, whom he shares with Alyssa Scott. In December 2021, Cannon and Scott’s son Zen died at 5 months old following a brain cancer diagnosis.

Since the majority of the “Drumline” star’s children are still very young, he said he’s expecting a lot of gifts of the “arts and crafts” variety this year.

“I’m getting the macaroni necklaces, the construction paper card, all of that stuff, which I love,” he said.

After Cannon first made public his plans to welcome multiple children with multiple mothers, he has been met with much skepticism. Since welcoming his tribe, he has admitted it’s challenging to maintain families across households. However, one has to hand it to him: Cannon is committed to making it work.

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While discussing his children during a 2022 interview on “The Big Tigger Morning Show,” he said, “I just want to be the best father I can possibly be, and lean into it.”

Another aspect Cannon has been embracing is getting in on the inevitable jokes that ensue. From his elaborate family holiday celebrations to his musings about fatherhood, the streets have had much to say.

“As everybody know [sic], I got a lot of children, and I love them all sincerely,” he said on an episode of his former eponymous talk show. “I’m not impervious to, you know, hearing and reading what people say about me. It definitely affects me because I’m a human being.”

In recent months, Cannon has reclaimed the narrative. At the start of the year, he poked fun at his massive family for a Buffalo Wild Wings Super Bowl commercial. Now, ahead of Father’s Day, Cannon announced through an elaborate marketing campaign with the men’s grooming brand Dr. Squatch that he insured his noteworthy testicles.

“It’s official! I have the most valuable balls in the world,” Cannon captioned a post on Instagram announcing his campaign with the brand.

While a brand press release purports that the $10 million insurance policy is legit, the brand leaves a disclaimer at the bottom of the campaign video clarifying that it does not sell insurance.

For once, the video is being lauded online instead of mocked. Many in the comments praised the brand’s marketing team and Cannon for his candor – with a straight face, at one point, the man asks the world to put their balls in his hands.

At any rate, Cannon is clearly having fun with his circumstances — or, with all those kids and possibly more to come, he’s simply not in a position to pass up a gig!