Demetria Irwin

Stockton California's first Black mayor is offering college scholarships to all Stockton public high school graduates.
Four judges in Texas work together to disrupt the school to prison pipeline

An Indiana teen is now sorry about chanting the n-word into a bullhorn

After her arrest and mugshot, Shia Milan Yearwood becomes the new #prisonbae.
Despite popular belief, when Markle marries Prince Harry she will not earn the title 'Princess Meghan'
Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), the only person alive who spoke during Dr. Martin Luther King's historic March on Washington, was verbally taunted on a D.C. to Atlanta flight over the weekend. The civil rights legend shared his story on...

As we celebrate Dr. King's legacy, the country continues to reverberate from Trump's racist comments.
Over the years, Don Lemon has had his fair share of side-eyes from the Black community due to numerous on-air WTF moments.Writer and editor Gerren Keith Gaynor perfectly summed up the frustration Black people have with Lemon."As an openly...
Oprah Winfrey is an amazing human being. Oprah Winfrey should not run for president. These two statements are not mutually exclusive, but after her inspiring, standing-ovation-worthy Golden Globes speech, the internet is filled with memes and think-pieces rallying for...
The legacy publication's recent acquisition is positive news, but this is only the beginning
Most of the people and entities described here are habitual line-steppers (word to Charlie Murphy) whose actions are not surprising, but still annoying.
Netflix has given She’s Gotta Have It the green light for a second season. The series, based on Spike Lee’s first film by the same name, was highly anticipated on its Thanksgiving debut.
There are so many good Black shows continuing into 2018. Some of them are chucking deuces and some are in it for the long haul...