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The Trump administration will not grant temporary protected status to hundreds of people from the Bahamas who have been displaced by Hurricane Dorian.
Paul Mooney’s sons, Daryl and Dwayne have come forward to deny claims that their father sexually abused the son of late comedian Richard Pryor.
"Tell Me Who You Are" features “interviews with over 150 Americans accompanied by their photographs, and offers a deep examination of the seeds of racism and strategies for effecting change.

Champale Anderson, of North St. Louis, has been feeding children living in poverty in her neighborhood for five years. The mother of six has made it her mission to fill the bellies of hungry students on school days. She has an open-door policy before or after school, providing the youth with a snack for breakfast or lunch.
Deadly riots have sparked in South Africa as citizens there become angered with the presence of foreign nationals, who they blame for crime and taking jobs
Recognizing the devastation left in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian, Rihanna is organizing her charity to help those affected by the storm

Following a family marijuana tradition, Rohan Marley is looking to broaden it into a business venture with a Colorado-based company
Alternative hip-hop sensation Lizzo got some love from Beyonce when she came to her set in Philadelphia and started dancing in her seat
Lebron James is keeping his commitment to his hometown strong with a partnership that helps support kids at the school he started

A wedding venue tried to argue that their faith dictates discrimination against an interracial couple that wanted to get married there
A 19-year-old Atlanta woman was stabbed to death defending her younger sister. Her assailant, police say was a bully who constantly antagonized the girl
The comedian's car rolled off a winding highway near his Los Angeles home. Although he was not driving, two others in the car were also injured in the crash
The "Queen" rapper is offering advice on how to demand to be treated well in relationships and walk away when they are toxic
The 'Trap Queen' allegedly lost his temper and started punching a valet at a Las Vegas hotel and now he's facing assault charges
The six-time U.S. Open champion is moving forward in this years tournament, but it cost her an injury
The actor and director openly apologized for being 'tone deaf' when a scandal revolving around a rape he was accused of in college surfaced in 2016
The two women living with the singer in his Chicago condo are looking for a new space for them to live together, while seeking funds for his defense
A California high school has “found no evidence” that a racist online bulletin targeting Black people originated from its website.
Celebrity couple Ray J and Princess Love announced that their second child is on the way with a family photo on Instagram
As the chicken wars heat up over social media, Migos rapper Quavo has apparently gathered a trunkful and jokes about how much he'll let them go for