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The Wypipo Awards: Wypipo Of The Year

Episode 85

“White people, especially white men with guns man, they were wild ‘n out.” Michael Harriot doesn’t hold back as he takes a look at some of the worst white people of 2022. Including those nominated in the Wypipo categories “White People Who Are Worried About People” and “Racist With Guns.”


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Michael Harriot [00:00:05] Welcome back to theGrio Daily. Of course, we’re still honoring the best or the worst and whitest acts of 2022 with the Wypipo Awards. Let’s get back into it. Before we go to our, you know, big categories, I think we should acknowledge some of the lives we lost this year. You know, there were some great white people who passed on this year. And I think it’s time that we take a moment of silence. Queen Elizabeth. Antifa. Kellyanne Conway. Oh, she alive? Oh, OK. The Big Lie. Qanon. The Boogaloo Boys. And Black on Black Crime. We’re going to miss the people who passed away this year. You know, may you rest in not so much peace. But instead of condemning or speaking evil of the dead, we’ll just move on. Our biggest category is Wypipo of the Year. Right. This is the category that honors the people who had the biggest impact in America and around the world with whiteness alone. 

Michael Harriot [00:01:39] And our first nominee is White People Who Are Worried About People. Like white people who were really concerned about things this year. Right. They were concerned about like the color of fictional characters. They were concerned about crime. Like crime, even though crime is at it’s one of its lowest points in the history of human civilization. Like, they were worried about crime. It was reports and polls that say, like white people were worried about reverse racism. They were worried about what pronouns you call yourself, how you define man and woman, and whether you used a biblical definition or, you know, a definition that they made up. They were worried about the war on Christmas, religious liberty. They were worried about dead people voting. And that’s why they are a nominee for Wypipo of the Year. 

Michael Harriot [00:02:41] The second nominee. Racist with Guns. Racist with guns have a big impact every year. But this was this was according to Everytown, it’s an organization that tracks gun violence, this was the second worst year this decade for mass murders. Right. This year had the biggest mass shootings in a long time, one of the worst years in history. And you have to remember, white supremacists massacred people in Buffalo. There was that mass shooting at a Colorado gay club. There was the growing militia movement of a Proud Boys and a three percenters. And I noticed one other one. There were the armed protesters who tried to kidnap the Michigan governor that was uncovered. I mean, white people, especially white men with guns, man, it was wilding out like that’s why in every you can’t even become a Republican unless you make a commercial shooting like a really big gun. 

Michael Harriot [00:03:50] And the next nominee for white people of the year was Christian Nationalist. Now, I don’t know why this hasn’t been bigger news, but there is this movement that combines like white nationalism and the ideology of like Jesus, the conservative movement, and it’s called Christian Nationalism. And what they believe is that America is not just a white country, it’s a white Christian country. And that anybody who’s like gay or who worships anything other than like Protestantism or who doesn’t believe that Jesus was born on December 25th and he was delivered to the Earth by Santa Claus, like, they want to eliminate all those people from the face of the earth. And that’s why they’re nominated for Wypipo of the Year. 

Michael Harriot [00:04:45] The next nominee is the United States Supreme Court. I mean, okay, sure. We got a Black woman for the first time on the Supreme Court this year. But you got to admit, the conservative majority, like, really made some powerful moves. They upended Roe versus Wade, Alabama’s election, but they literally told the state of Alabama, hey, your maps are racist, but ya’ll can use them anyway. They defined religious liberty as the right to discriminate against other people. They’re in the process, now they’ve already heard the case, that will likely strike down Affirmitive Action. They reaffirmed that they are not in favor of voting rights unless you just call somebody the N-word while knocking them down at the ballot box. They’re trying to undo all government sponsored health care or Obamacare. They said the separation of church and state is not a thing. Like people can make states pay to send their kids to religious schools. They affirmed racist immigration laws and they protected Ginni Thomas, Gerrymandering, voter suppression, sexism, a Christian theocracy and whiteness in general. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Supreme Court, none of these other nominees would even be successful. But they’re not the winner. 

Michael Harriot [00:06:21] The 2022 Wypipo of the Year is White Backlash. In 2022 not only did the vast majority of white people, 58%, support politicians who want to restrict voting rights, criminalize Black history, ignore police brutality, justify racism, oppose reparations. But white people were the only racial or ethnic group that voted Republican in the 2022 midterms. Everybody else, like the vast majority. Voted for the other party. And it’s not like they love the Democratic Party. It’s just that like we mostly vote in defense and so they vote not Republican. But what ever happened to that 2020 racial reckoning? Whatever happened to all those white people who was talking about Black lives Matter? Remember last year when white people were going to learn Black history and fight for equality and they were going to pledge, they actually did pledge billions to Black led organizations that were trying to bring about economic and social justice. And white people stood in solidarity with Black protesters. And in 2022 came around like “Nah we ain’t gonna do that. Nah, we just not going to do it.”. 

Michael Harriot [00:07:50] Like White Backlash is not new, though. Like this is what happened after Brown versus Board of Education. Just Googled the Sovereignty Committee, the Mississippi Sovereignty Committee, Google, the Virginia effort to keep their schools white. Just Google what happened after Brown versus Board of Education. So White Backlash is old. But this year, like they stacked one white backlash of 2020 against the Obama white backlash and then the Biden winning white backlash and then the George Floyd white backlash. Like we got triple the white backlash in 2022. And that’s why. 2022’s Wypipo of the Year is White Backlash. Hey, you know what? You know, these episodes aren’t that long, so we’ll be back on the next episode with more of the Wypipo Awards. If you like what you heard, please give us a five star review. Download theGrio App. Subscribe to the show and share it with everyone you know. Please email all questions, suggestions and compliments to podcasts at theGrio dot com. 

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