A Promised Land

Barack Obama has a new series on Instagram after partnering with ATTN: for a five-part video show based on his bestselling memoir.
/ December 11, 2020
Former President Barack Obama sits down with White House correspondent April Ryan to discuss his new memoir, ‘A Promised Land.’
/ December 11, 2020
Catchphrases like that, Obama told Snapchat, make “it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want done.”
/ December 2, 2020
Barack Obama has sold 1.7 million copies of his new book ‘A Promised Land,’ a new record for publisher Penguin Random House.
/ November 25, 2020
President Obama Sasha Malia thegrio.com
Former President Barack Obama has revealed that daughters Sasha and Malia joined the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.
/ November 24, 2020
Former President Barack Obama’s new memoir is already a bestseller, with 887,000 copies sold in 1 day in all formats.
/ November 18, 2020
Obama Sasha Malia thegrio.com
The family often visited museums after hours, Obama shares in his book, “A Promised Land,” or they’d get advanced copies of new movies.
/ November 17, 2020