African Migrants

Polish Border Towns Receive Mass Influx Of Ukrainians Fleeing Russian Armed Invasion

Reports of African migrants being blocked from leaving Ukraine have flooded in since Russian military forces began invading the country

/ February 28, 2022

The young man wore red-and-white-soled sneakers for what proved to be his fatal final journey. The shoes were still on

/ May 23, 2021

Data from the federal government reports that the number of African migrants at the United States/Mexico border has drastically increased

/ December 9, 2019

JERUSALEM (AP) — In an abrupt and startling reversal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nixed his own deal Tuesday with

/ April 3, 2018

After scrapping a plan to deport thousands of migrants from African nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended a

/ April 2, 2018
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JERUSALEM (AP) - African migrants who entered Israel illegally will be given cash incentives if they leave on their own

/ June 8, 2012
african kings

JERUSALEM (AP) - Recent rapes blamed on African migrants have ignited a political and emotional backlash against their ballooning numbers,

/ May 25, 2012