Amy Cooper

The juror told The Chicago Sun-Times that in the end, the jury of six women and six men “all thought we were doing Jussie a favor.”
/ December 13, 2021
Amy Cooper notoriously called police and made false claims against Central Park bird watcher Christian Cooper, a Black man, in May 2020.
/ December 13, 2021
Amy Cooper, dubbed Central Park Karen, is speaking out about her headline-making encounter with a Black male birdwatcher last May.
/ August 4, 2021
white women
White women have launched a disturbing new TikTok trend in which they cry on command and then suddenly stop to smile at the camera.
/ June 22, 2021
Amy Cooper Karen
Amy Cooper, AKA Central Park Karen, is suing her former employer for labeling her a ‘racist’ over the encounter with a Black birdwatcher.
/ May 26, 2021
Amy Cooper Karen
Amy Cooper, dubbed Central Park Karen for accusing a Black bird watcher of threatening her, had charges against her dropped.
/ February 16, 2021
Amy Cooper
In her second call to 911, they revealed, the woman told authorities even more lies about Central Park birdwatcher Christan Cooper.
/ October 14, 2020
The creator, publicizing it on Instagram, wrote ‘2020 is the year of the KAREN! Scare all ur friends with ur big hair and narrow mind.’
/ September 8, 2020
Amy Cooper Karen
Entitled white women, branded as ‘Karen’, have been calling the police on Black people and research shows California and NY leading the way.
/ August 17, 2020
Christian Cooper
The man who posted the video of a white woman calling 911 on him after he asked her to leash her dog in Central Park will not cooperate with the DA on case.
/ July 8, 2020
Amy Cooper Karen
Amy Cooper has been charged with filing a false police report against a Black bird watcher during an incident in New York’s Central Park.
/ July 6, 2020
According to a video published on Tuesday, Karlos Dillard, a Black man based in Seattle, was driving and was cut off by the unnamed white woman. 
/ June 23, 2020
a black woman speaks
Watch Tiffany Boone, Simone Missick, Pauletta Washington, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Kimberly Hebert, and more perform ‘A Black Woman Speaks’ by Bhea Richards.
/ June 19, 2020
Amy Cooper is being dragged on Twitter after details of an alleged marital affair were revealed in a New York Times article.
/ June 17, 2020
For Dr. Yusef Salaam, watching the Amy Cooper video at Central Park brought back memories and triggers of a time not too long ago.
/ June 7, 2020
Amy Cooper called 911 and falsely claimed a Black man had threatened her life. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing to make similar incidents a hate crime.
/ June 7, 2020
Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper, the white woman who called the police on a Black man who asked her to leash her dog, has gotten her beloved pooch back.
/ June 5, 2020