Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor shooting
Fired Louisville officer Myles Cosgrove joined the Carroll County Sheriffs as a deputy on Thursday, and he’s already on active duty.
/ April 24, 2023
The warrant that led to Breonna Taylor’s death three years ago was full of lies. Across the country, cops regularly lie on search warrants.
/ March 13, 2023
The U.S. Justice Department found Louisville police have engaged in a pattern of violating constitutional rights and discrimination against the Black community following an investigation prompted by the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor.
/ March 9, 2023
Breonna taylor
Diners claim a Republican women’s group showed footage of Breonna Taylor’s shooting at a Kentucky restaurant during an event featuring Sgt. John Mattingly.
/ January 22, 2023
The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor who fired a shot at police as they burst through Taylor’s door the night she was killed has settled two lawsuits against the city of Louisville, his attorneys said Monday.
/ December 13, 2022
Breonna Taylor Red Table Talk
Two-and-a-half years after her killing by Louisville police, Breonna Taylor’s family divulges new details and shares what’s next in the case.
/ October 12, 2022
“What bothers me so incredibly, is that so many lives were lost because of this lie,” said Hannah Drake, a Louisville poet and leader.
/ October 8, 2022