Former President Donald Trump

An “athletic empowerment brand” James co-founded recently filed to trademark the notable diss a Fox News figure spewed at him.
/ July 27, 2022
Mark Ponder’s punishment is tied for longest with the sentence of Robert Scott Palmer, who struck Capitol officers with a fire extinguisher.
/ July 27, 2022
Attorney General Merrick Garland is the one who must decide whether his department can and should prosecute Trump.
/ June 12, 2022
Despite a 6-to-3 majority of conservatives on the Supreme Court, fewer than four wanted to hear the McCloskeys’ case.
/ June 7, 2022
New suggestions include renaming Fort Lee, named after Robert E. Lee, as Fort Gregg-Adams, after two Black army veterans.
/ May 25, 2022
America’s former president is shocking voters again, this time for appearing to advocate civil war in the United States.
/ May 23, 2022
Trump’s businesses will pay the city of Washington, D.C. $750K to settle a lawsuit alleging they overpaid for inaugural events at his hotel.
/ May 3, 2022