Gun Violence Victims

Texas School Shooting

The mother of the teenage gunman who opened fire at a Texas elementary school this week, killing 21 people, is

/ May 26, 2022

The youngest of the 10 Black people killed at a Buffalo supermarket on May 14 was laid to rest Saturday.

/ May 24, 2022

The white gunman accused of massacring 10 Black people at a Buffalo supermarket wrote as far back as November about

/ May 16, 2022

After a New York City chief detective testified in 2018 that the city police department’s widely criticized gang database was

/ May 8, 2022
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal has stepped up to cover the funeral costs for a Louisiana boy who was killed by a stray

/ April 18, 2022
Archie Eversole shot by brother

Atlanta rapper Archie Eversole was fatally shot by his own brother earlier this month, according to DeKalb County police. As

/ April 14, 2022

Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-St. Louis) was not inside her vehicle when it was hit by gunfire early Saturday morning.  According

/ January 27, 2022