Josh Hawley

OPINION: Senate Democrats better hit back hard to protect Judge Brown Jackson or face the wrath of Black women everywhere.
/ March 21, 2022
Co-Founder Of PayPal Discusses "e21" Organization Dedicated To Economic Research
A group of anti-Trump Republicans is going the extra mile to call out politicians who have supported Donald Trump. The
/ February 1, 2021
Ted Cruz
Seven Democratic senators on Thursday asked the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the actions of Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and
/ January 22, 2021
On Saturday, Loews Hotels issued a statement that it will no longer be hosting a February fundraiser for Sen. Josh
/ January 16, 2021
With Washington still scrambling to make sense of last week’s attempted coup, a group called Shutdown DC gathered in front
money, trillion discrimination
Many of America’s top business people are irritated and exhausted by political pandering to the mob, and plan to cut
/ January 10, 2021
Fox News has a long history of supporting outgoing President Donald Trump, but this week Geraldo Rivera caused an uproar at
/ January 8, 2021