Mike Bloomberg

Super Tuesday was filled with quite a few surprises for Democrats across the country
/ March 4, 2020
Clay Cane explains why “this election is too important for a political pissing contest” and that some Democratic candidates need to drop out now.
/ February 26, 2020
democratic debate
Did you watch the latest Democratic debate? Writer Dustin Seibert did and he has all the good, bad, and wig-snatching moments from the night.
/ February 20, 2020
Michael Bloomberg theGrio.com
As a respected advocate for poor Black and Brown kids, Geoffrey Canada knows that he will be asked how he can support Mike Bloomberg who is well-known for his “Stop and Frisk” program, which disproportionately impacted people of color. 
/ January 19, 2020
Ava DuVernay is checking presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg for his selective amnesia over his administration spending millions in opposition to compensating the Central Park Exonerated Five.
/ January 3, 2020