St. Louis Police Department

Minneapolis City Council Announces Support For Dismantling Police Department After Death Of George Floyd
Police are still looking for answers after several people were shot in St. Louis on Monday. Four people were injured and three were killed.
/ June 22, 2021
Cori Bush
Bush’s “racist AF” comment comes just days after South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott proclaimed “America is not a racist country.”
/ May 3, 2021
St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones supported a cut of $4 million out of the police department’s $171 million budget for the next fiscal year.
/ May 2, 2021
No convictions were returned for three white St. Louis police officers accused of beating a Black undercover colleague.
/ March 30, 2021
Luther Hall was beaten while working undercover at a 2017 protest after the acquittal of an officer charged with killing a Black suspect.
/ February 16, 2021
A lawsuit filed Monday accuses four white suburban St. Louis police officers of brutalizing a 68-year-old black woman and her adult son.
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
Do Black lives have a price tag attached to them? Are Black people reduced to a dollar amount as the […]
/ September 27, 2017