Bokeem Woodbine stars in new CBS Drama based Eric Holder’s life

Bokeem Woodbine captured our hearts and broke them at the same time with his role in Jason’s Lyric (1994). Now

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Bokeem Woodbine captured our hearts and broke them at the same time with his role in Jason’s Lyric (1994). Now Woodbine will star as the lead in the new CBS drama pilot, Main Justice, a series based on the real life of former United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

The series is written by Sascha Penn (Power, Survivor’s Remorse) and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Holder himself. According to Variety, the plot focuses on Holder’s life’s work.

According to Variety, Woodbine will play Miles Blair, the new Attorney General of the United States whose experience as a beat cop and as Detroit’s Police Commissioner comes into play as he faces his toughest opponents and cases in Washington.

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Woodbine is known for bringing an intensity and realness to his characters that leaves audiences riveted. He was recently snatched up an Emmy nomination for FX’s Fargo. Other projects include a recurring role on WGN’s Underground and a lead role in USA’s upcoming series, Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Eric Holder’s new chapter

Eric Holder has been keeping busy since leaving the Obama administration in 2014. And he has a lot to say about the 2018 midterm elections and the political climate that has been fostered by the GOP and the Trump administration.

Holder is the chair of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) which serves as a strategic hub for developing a comprehensive redistricting strategy. The group believes the only way to truly restore fairness to politics is to combat the unscrupulous Republican gerrymandering that, in the group’s words, is ‘plaguing our country.’

In Washington, DC this week, Holder answered a variety of questions from reporters ranging from what role he’ll play in the 2018 midterms to why more people should be concerned about gerrymandering.

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“I’ll be focused on making sure that African Americans understand the long term ramifications of these elections so that they’re organized and energized about getting to the voting booth,” Holder said.

The former attorney general also shared his thoughts on how President Obama will be instrumental in the 2018 elections as well.

“Last week I sat down with [former] President Obama to brief him on our plans and strategy. I expect that later this year when he’s campaigning he’ll be focused on races that will matter for redistricting as well. And I suspect you’ll see him involved and campaigning in places you wouldn’t expect a former president to be. There are strong indications that this is gonna be a good year for democrats as we saw in Virginia this past fall. It was a good election but we also saw that democrats were at a structural disadvantage. Democrats won by ten percentage points and yet in the state assembly democrats were unable to retake the assembly. And that shows the power of gerrymandering; when you have a ten point wave but that’s still not sufficient to give you control of one of the state houses.”