Watch Chad Boseman surprise ‘Black Panther’ fan who bootlegged his movie

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Chadwick Boseman is feeling the love from Black Panther fans and he’s giving it right back to them.

Our favorite superhero surprised superfans of his blockbuster movie on Wednesday night with an unexpected appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

–Is Michelle Obama teasing Malia Obama about pics with her boyfriend ending up in the tabloids?–

When several fans lined up in front of a Black Panther poster to express their gratitude for the impactful movie they had no idea King T’Challa was behind the curtain listening to their praise.

“My son’s life has been defined by Barack Obama and now by Black Panther, so thank you,” said one mother before Boseman popped out and answered, “You are way too kind…Barack Obama? Come on.”

The actor had sweet and funny quips for many of his fans, particularly one who admitted he viewed Black Panther on bootleg. “You’re going to bootleg my movie?,” Boseman joked.

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Chad shared some snapshots of his stint on the show on social media and posed with Questlove and Marlon Wayans.

“The #Wakanda love runs deep on @FallonTonight,” he posted.

Check out the video below.

Last month, while promoting the action-packed superhero movie on Good Morning America, Boseman got an unexpected surprise of his own in the form of a Valentine’s Day card from a young, adorable fan. The little Black girl, dressed in a Black Panther costume, grinned from ear to ear as she walked over to give the pink-shaped heart to the actor during the live morning program.

Clearly everyone loves Chadwick!