Beyoncé and Solange take a tumble onstage at Coachella

The Knowles sisters still kept it cute though.

Beyoncé and Solange took a tumble on stage at Coachella, but they found a way to make it cute and here's the video proof!


When Beyoncé brought all the Blackness, history, and magic of #BeyChella for a second time this past weekend at Coachella, she made sure to include her sister and fellow Grammy-winner Solange.

Beyoncé wore a sparkly silver and white leotard while sis Solange sported iridescent tassels on her jacket and boots. The two were having a grand old time on stage rocking out to “Get Me Bodied” when Beyoncé decided to lift up Solange.

That’s when things went left. It was a cute left, though.

When Beyoncé lifted Solange into the air, she simultaneously fell backwards, so both of them ended up laid out flat on the stage.

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Bey and Sol are professionals though, so of course they recovered. They laughed, kicked their legs in the air and helped each other up before they kept going with their set.

Instead of being mortified or stopping the show, Beyoncé and Solange turned what could have been an embarrassing incident into a sweet sisterly moment that was pretty adorable.

Coachella opted not to live-stream Beyoncé’ s second performance, but fans in attendance captured the moment on social media and there are already over a million views on some of those BeyHive’ videos.


Even when Beyoncé messes up, she manages to make it work, which of course, did not go un-noticed by her fans.