You know that dreaded feeling—the one that begins the moment you reach for your phone and your fingers begin scrolling through your inbox or social media feed. By the time your to-do-list for the week unfolds, you’re already traveling in your mind to a place where you can fully unplug, relax, and release …then you realize, it’s only Monday.

In our increasingly connected world, finding quiet moments to unplug has never been more critical, for both mental health and productivity. In fact, the phrase “digital detox” has even been added to the dictionary. More people are seeking a perfect turn down instead of turn up during their travels with on single goal to decompress.

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Fortunately, there are a number of places around the world where you can fully disconnect and recalibrate with your favorite drink and book in hand. Here are a few options that should get you well on your way.


1Petit St. Vincent — Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Enjoy the ultimate form of privacy with a view of the Caribbean sea. (Photo courtesy of Mike Toy)

You know those days when you are drowning in adulting and think about what it might be like to have your own island escape? Enter the glorious Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre private island at the tip of the Grenadines on the flawless Caribbean ocean.

On this island paradise, you can spend the entire time in your oceanside private cottage, without a telephone, Wi-Fi or television. If you need someone, all you have to do is put a yellow flag outside your door and voilà — room service or transportation through the secluded property will be right on hand. There are also two yoga pavilions and a Balinese inspired spa.

Here, peace of mind is not sold separately.