Why are White women so BIG mad at Lebron James for uplifting Black women?

LeBron James commented on the assortment of beautiful Black women on the cover of several women's fashion magazines for their September 2018 issue.

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LeBron James loves Black women and apparently his white female fans are really, REALLY upset about that fact. (Vogue, Sept 2018; Getty)

LeBron James loves Black women and apparently his white female fans are really, REALLY upset about that fact.

September is the most high-profile month for fashion magazines. This year many in the Black community have happily noted the tidal wave of sisters gracing the covers of some of the most noteworthy publications on newsstands.

The September covers include Beyoncé for VogueRihanna for British Vogue, and Lupita Nyong’o for Porter just to name a few. Amongst the people applauding on social media this long overdue push for diversity is James himself.

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The Laker’s most high profile rookie and new founder of the I Promise School took to his Instagram to first speak on Beyonce’s cover and then share a meme featuring some of the September 2018 covers and wax poetic about his deep love and appreciation for Black women.

“Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!!” King James beamed in his caption. “Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower??❤️?

The post understandably received over 400,000 likes — with numerous followers expressing their own jubilation. However, in that sea of positivity emerged a contingent of salty commenters who found James’s post to be “racist,” because it excluded the alabaster beacon of beauty known as white women.

“Sounds racist to me. Shut up and dribble, LeBron,” wrote one poster echoing the racist comments of Fox Host Laura Ingram.

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“We are all equal, so yes it is racist to say nothing is more beautiful than a colored woman when in reality each person is just as equal as each other,” another offended person wrote.

“What about white women?” chimed in many others.

“I’m proud to be white,” declared another comment. “I’m just as powerful, influential, and beautiful as any other woman. We are all equal.”

But not all of James’ white fans were clueless enough to miss the point of the post. A few even tried to explain it to their counterparts.

“Let me explain this to those who are getting upset,” one woman wrote. “For hundreds of years, white women were praised and raised that they were better than women of color. People of color have been enslaved, tortured, and continued to be treated as unequal. The injustice they encounter daily is very real, painful, and [has] long been ignored.

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Speaking as a white woman, it empowers me to see women of all colors being celebrated as strong. Women of all colors are powerful and strong. We, as women, have the power to change this world, this country. We start by supporting each other. Much love, @kingjames.”

James has yet to respond to the backlash.