EXCLUSIVE: Toya Bush-Harris on conquering her huge debt and advice for Quad Webb

Toya's future in looking bright these days.

Toya Bush-Harris has a lot to celebrate and viewers will get to see her doing just that when Married To Medicine returns to Bravo this weekend. 

While we have watched Toya and her husband Eugene struggle through some serious obstacles, they’re proud to be out of debt and out of the ht seat when it comes to troubled marriages. 

The couple seems to be in a great place after buckling down and paying off their heft debt to the IRS and now that they have weathered that storm together, their future is looking very bright. 

“It really took us to buckle down and realize we couldn’t keep spending the way we were. We aren’t using any credit cards and every dollar we earned went toward those taxes. Once we sat down with accountants and tax attorneys, we learned that if we would have prolonged this they would have kept taxing us. We set a goal of eighteen months to two years and we did it. It was heartache but it was worth it. After we paid it off, you could see that a load came off of my husband and it’s so worth it for him to not be so stressed,” she reveals in our exclusive interview. 

“The first few seasons, people judged me based on the material things I would talk about and I have to take ownership of that too. I did talk a lot about our cars and clothes and I don’t think people saw who we were. I think it was more difficult for my husband to get to a place where he didn’t use credit cards because that’s how he got through medical school. For him, it was normal. For me, it was terrifying.”

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When asked which luxuries were the toughest to give up, Toya says the quality time she spent with her hubby was the hardest habit to kick. 

“It was difficult only because we like to go out, have fun, and spend time with our friends. Also the traveling. We made it a priority to go away by ourselves without kids to nourish  our relationship so when we had to cut the personal trips that was hard. It inspired us to hurry up and pay it off.”

Viewers will likely notice a lot less bickering between Toya Bush-Harris and her husband this season and that’s something that didn’t come easy for the pair. 

“Ten years of marriage is hard work. Trust and believe, she says. “Here’s the deal. My husband and I never stopped counseling. We call them yearly checkups. Every year we go back to the same counselor who saw us before we were married. There is going be something different every year that will put some type of strain on the marriage. I don’t know how to handle every situation that comes our way. I didn’t know how to handle the tax issues because I thought I married into a very secure life and I knew my husband would always take care of his family without any issues. And for my husband, him feeling like he wasn’t supporting the family the way he wanted to and had let his family down, those two things alone put us in a place where we were arguing a lot and not having intimate moments.”

Toya Bush-Harris is hoping that a few of her friends can learn a thing or two from seeing her make big changes in her own relationship. 

“I think the most important thing I can offer my friends is the fact that they watch Eugene and I and they may consider our arguing disrespectful, they have to admit that it is a form of communication. I think what they did is get to a place where they weren’t communicating,” she says. “When you get to a point where you would rather ignore it, talk to your girls about it, pretend it doesn’t exist…nothing good is going to come of that. Sometimes fighting is better than not speaking at all because at least you’re communicating. Some things, you’re just going to have to argue about. You have to argue with a goal in mind. It’s not to make him mad, it’s to come to a mutual agreement or understanding.” 

Harris says she feels bad for Quad and the humiliating issues she’s facing right now. “I have given her advice on how to be strong and how to not let it change her view on marriage and to stay positive,” she says. “If that’s the man God sent her then it will work out but if its not then your man is still waiting.”

Married To Medicine returns to Bravo on September 2 at 8/7c.