EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married To Medicine’ star, Quad Webb-Lunceford spills tea on her husband’s lies, dating plans, and her divorce

"I'm not here to fight another woman."

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Married To Medicine fans have been watching while Quad Webb-Lunceford struggle through her nasty split from husband, Dr. G, ever since his alleged philandering made headlines.

Now, the reality star and co-host of Sister Circle is speaking out in an exclusive interview with Cherise Nicole about why she’s done with her marriage and what’s next.

While her husband’s alleged mistress has been telling her side of the story to blogs and radio shows, Quad has chosen to stay quiet for the most part. Dr. G has given his fair share of interviews as well and accused had of stealing their property and denied the alleged adultery.

Quad Webb-Lunceford files for divorce and accuses husband of adultery

According to Quad, her soon-to-be ex has a knack for bending the truth and she opened up about all of his lies in the explosive interview.

“When someone is trying to change the narrative of what really happened you can expect them to lie and he did a lot of that,” she said. “I just hope he doesn’t continue to take forever to sign the paperwork.”

Quad makes it clear she’s ready to move on from her marriage but her husband is holding things up by refusing to sign the divorce papers.

“For me, unlike my husband, I am not dating. I want to go ahead and actually end one thing before I start another. I think that’s appropriate,” she said. “If you are wanting to be single and you’re living a single life, just do the work to be single. It’s not that I’m being mean. I’m not upset about it, I’m not angry or anything. It just makes sense to me that if I’m living single, then just do the paperwork. We did the work it took to get married.”

Quad says that Dr. G has been lying through his teeth in his recent interviews, particularly when he stated that she “moved out of the bedroom years ago.”

“That was a big lie. There was a lot of misconceptions there. I was very dissappointed with his behavior and the things that he said…even what he said about the young lady. I didn’t like that But then I thought about it and I said, ‘Here’s a person that is trying to cover up all of his inequities. Here’s a person who is trying to cover up his infidelity. He’s not going to tell people that he is the one who made the decision to start cheating. He’s going to make it about me,” she explained. “I’m in my thirties. What makes you think I don’t want to be intimate or engage in passionate, nice, satisfying love?”

Quad says there has been no shortage of men sliding into her DMs now that word is out that she’s almost single.

“It’s not something I’m looking to pursue or anything. It’s now out there that I have recently filed for divorce and recently relocated. I’m not in the home anymore and we are going through a divorce,” she said.

Dr. G’s alleged mistress insists she had no idea he was married when they hooked up but Quad says it’s not about her at all.

“Here’s the thing. Whether she knew or not, I don’t care. We gotta stop that. We’ve got to stop attacking the next woman. I need to be mature enough to know that I wasn’t married to her… I was married to him and I’m still married to him. So, she didn’t have vows with me. He does,” she said. “Whether she knew or not; let’s just say she did know…Why did he make that decision? It’s on him. I’m not here to fight another woman.”

Although she has remained pretty silent about her divorce, Quad says she will tell her whole side of the story soon enough.

“It will happen.”

Check out the full interview above.