NAACP is holding #LivingWhileBlack conference because we need it

NAACP National President Derrick Johnson. (Photo courtesy of the NAACP)

On Thursday night, the NAACP will host a #LivingWhileBlack tele-town hall, since real life calls for it after a year filled with excessive racist confrontations that caught Black people off guard as they tried to live and do everyday tasks in peace.

“From organizing historic turnout for voters of color to fighting back against problematic judicial nominations, we made incredible progress on the road to turning America into a country that is equal and just for all of its people,” Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of NAACP said in a release about the event, The Root reports.

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“However, there is still much work ahead for us, and resistance remains high, we must use our collective power and voices to express our concerns and ensure our future stake in this country.”

Starting 8 p.m. EST, and 5 p.m. PST, panelists will likely discuss the #LivingWhileBlack stories that captivated headlines such as #BBQBecky – a white woman called the cops and who tried to run a Black family out of a public park for grilling, to #PoolPatrolPaul and “Permit Betty” who called the cops on a little girl selling water.

It’s been an exhausting year.

This conference is more required because this year has been filled with well-documented instances where police officers have violated the physical and psychological boundaries of Black people. You do not have to reach back to slavery or Jim Crow or even the Civil Rights movement to see these egregious violations against humanity and more specifically against the grand ideals of freedom that formed the pillars of this country.

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It seems that just being Black is cause for police intervention/action in America. And for Black people, far too many times that ends in undue injury or even death.

Johnson will be joined by panelists Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League; Adora Obi Nweze, president of the NAACP Florida State Conference and Leslie Redmond, president of the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP.

Anyone who wants to participate can RSVP here.