Former White House photographer for President Obama, Pete Souza is already known for openly shading President Trump. On Tuesday, Trump told White House guests that Obama sat in a private room at the White House watching basketball all day. And when the President tried to come for his predecessor, Souza was ready to debunk all of Trump’s claims with photo receipts.

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According to The Huffington Post, Souza posted images on Instagram fact-checking Trump by showing Obama in the room.

Souza wrote, “Click through the pictures to see what President Obama actually did in the dining room with a variety of people: he had lunch.”

Souza also called out Trump’s statements about a hole in the room’s wall when he moved in.  Souza added, “If you spot the hole in the wall, you win a free trip to visit the medieval concrete wall in Mexico.”

Ever since Trump was sworn into office, Souza has been openly critical of the president. He has called him out on everything from the government shutdown to his controversial inauguration.

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Unlike the previous administrations, many athletes and celebrities have refused to visit the president.

One of President Trump’s most recent visits to the White House over the last few weeks, has been the NCAA 2019 basketball champions, Clemson Tigers.  Many of the Black players on the championship team sat out on the President’s “hamberder” feast invite.

According to The Root, 15 out of the 57 Black students on the team accepted the invite to the White House.

“Players were talking amongst each other,” said one of Clemson’s Black football players. “Everybody was like: ‘I’m not going to that.”

It will come to no surprise if there will be more interesting news about people visiting the White House under Trump’s presidency in the future.

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