Offset’s alleged side chick, Summer Bunni, is still sipping tea and quenching her thirst after posting a diss track aimed at the musical couple over the admitted affair she had with the rapper that reportedly caused him to split from his wife, Yahoo reports.

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Last summer, Bunni took to social media and made a tearful apology to Cardi B and admitted that she had an affair with Offset, who is one third of hip hop group Migos, and another woman, Cuban Doll. But she soon walked back that statement after she said Cardi was trying to silence her and was “stopping her big,” meaning she was trying to stop her from making money by stopping her media interviews.

“People wanna say, ‘Oh, this person was stoppin’ my bags,’ or ‘This person is doing this,'” Summer told Hollywood Life back in December. “[Cardi] forever gonna make me a topic, so you might as well just leave me alone. I’m over here—I’m just really tryin’ to focus on my music.”

Bunni has now found a new way to secure the bag and rapped over a sample of Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money” on the diss track. He mentioned in her rhyme the rumored affair with Offset as well as the alleged threesome with Cuban Doll.

(Warning: Contains lyrics some might find offensive)

Cardi who just recently capped a weekend of performances in Atlanta during the Super Bowl weekend, posted a message about clout chasers, which could be an indirect shot to Bunni.

Offset and Cardi B are ‘working things out’

When it comes to the status of her rocky marriage, Cardi B is finally confirming what many have already speculated for months.

According to a report from TMZ, the couple has decided to live under the same roof and give their marriage another chance.

Their source claims Cardi B has made plans to return to the Atlanta home the couple shared before their split and Offset has even changed his phone number to keep other women from contacting him. He’s also allegedly agreed to a “no groupie” policy that his wife set up for Super Bowl weekend.

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In a since-deleted tweet, Cardi B disputed elements of the story stating, “I haven’t even been to ATL since Christmas.”

But a few hours later, when the 26-year-old found herself surrounded by reporters as she left a Queens courthouse, one journalist asked. “Cardi, are you back with Offset?”

While she didn’t confirm that she and Offset had officially gotten back together, Cardi did admit that they’re headed in the right direction by responding, “We’re working things out, baby.”