Racist video shows teacher calling students “f—— n-g–r” at middle school



A Minnesota teacher has been placed on leave after repeatedly calling middle school students ” f—— n——” in a video that went viral.

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On Thursday, the Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard vowed to take aggressive action toward a teacher, Wendy Brilowski, whose profane and racist rant calling Highland Park Middle School students the n-word was caught on camera.

According to the recording, Brilowski appears to hurl vulgar language and racial slurs at students, saying “f—— n——” in the video.

A staff member tried to defend Brilowski’s comments saying that she repeated what the students said to her, The Daily Mail reports. However, the 20-second video does not show any students on video saying such a thing.

“As educators, we have to be held to a higher standard and we know that this situation represents a failure on our part,” Gothard said. “And we will not fall silent in the face of racism in our schools.”

She was reportedly caught yelling, “I just walk around the room… just pick on them. They’re black. And they’re the only f*****g n*****s doing any work,” at Highland Park Middle School.

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Brandy Coleman, the mother of one of the students, told NBC-affiliate KARE that her daughter had experienced tensions with the teacher over the past few months and she said the teacher previously called students “negroes.”

“It breaks my heart that I didn’t know the magnitude of the situation so that I could intervene before that video,” she said.