#WalkingDogWhileBlack: Angry white man pulls gun and hurls racist slurs at Black people in dog park and sherriff says he was justified

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A Black man and a woman who had a gun pulled on them at a dog park in Douglas County, Georgia are upset that the white perpetrator wasn’t charged with more than just a misdemeanor.

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Chris Mungin told reporters that he was at Deer Lick dog park on Memorial Day when he saw a confrontation erupt between a 62-year-old woman and a man after his dog allegedly bit hers, WSBTV reports.

The dog owner, Albert Partin, and the woman got into an argument after she told him her dog had been bit.

Mungin said when he saw Partin, a white man, starting to get aggressive with the woman and hurling racial slurs at her, he decided to step in.

“He started getting really vulgar. The racial slurs and the derogatory statements came out and … he called her a b***h,” Mungin said.

Witnesses saw Partin pull a gun on Mungin and the woman and called the police.

Partin was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors for pointing the gun. Mungin thinks authorities should upgrade the charges to more serious aggravated assault felonies.

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“The fact that he has a license to carry, drew in an aggravated manner with aggression and they still feel that he felt threatened when I’m unarmed, everybody was unarmed, and he only got two misdemeanors — it’s just irate,” Mungin told WSB.

Sheriff Tim Pounds defended the man who pulled the gun saying he had a right to do so because he feared Mungin as he approached him. And he said the man had a license to carry.

“You have a right to protect yourself and property at any given moment. Now, he feared this guy. This guy is approaching him. He just wanted him to get off of him and that’s why they’re misdemeanors and not felonies. He had a right to protect himself,” Pounds said.