Nicole Curran learned the hard that when you mess with the Queen Bee or her man, you get stung.

Germans honor Beyonce with 9ft bust paying homage to her ‘Homecoming’ album

Curran, the wife of a Golden State Warriors’ co-owner, is feeling the pain of getting stung online by Beyonce’s nation of fans – the Beyhive – who didn’t appreciate her leaning in a little too close for comfort to talk to Jay-Z, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Beyonce fans tore Curran a new one for bogarting Bey and her space. And the videos and memes helped to fuel the fire showing what appeared to be an annoyed Queen shifting in her seat to the left, to the left, trying to get some elbow room and ignoring Curran royally.

In fact, things got so bad for Curran, she reportedly has had to take refuge offline and shut down her social media accounts because she got hit with an onslaught of hateful tweets, slammed on Instagram with a flood of bee emojis and some people even threatened to even kill her, Yahoo reports.

All this because she was probably having a billionaire to billionaire tête-à-tête about business.

So was Beyonce throwing some shade at Curran?

Y’all already know we’ll find out on the next album.

Was Beyonce throwing epic shade at woman leaning over her to talk to Jay-Z during NBA Finals?