Diddy & Meek Mill join petition to free A$AP Rocky from Swedish prison

(Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Diddy and Meek Mill have joined the rallying cry of fans and fellow celebs calling for rapper A$AP Rocky to be released from the Swedish prison where he is currently being detained.

This week, officials in Sweden confirmed that rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested on Tuesday, along with three other people for being involved in a suspected “gross assault” that took place over the weekend.

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There is a petition posted online to free A$AP Rocky from prison and since it’s creation, Diddy, Meek and Justin Bieber have each posted it on their social media accounts, pleading with fans to sign.

“Stand in support and request Rocky’s release from Swedish officials! Sign the petition and join the movement at change.org/JusticeForRocky – EVERYONE REPOST THIS NOW!!!!!!” Diddy declared on Tuesday night.

“we’re with you bro @asaprocky go sign this petition!!” read Bieber’s caption.

Not surprisingly, Meek, who has had his own share of legal issues, chimed in as well, by telling his followers, “Support each other This could be you tomar [sic],” he posted to Instagram.

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Last week, a video surfaced showing a scuffle between A$AP Rocky, his team and two men in the streets of Sweden on Sunday. Tuesday, the New York-based rapper was arrested after his performance at the Smash hip hop festival in Stockholm. Then this past Friday, a Swedish court ruled the rapper remain at the center for the next two weeks as he was deemed a flight risk.

“So a few drug addicts are not my fans. We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble,” Rocky wrote on Instagram. “They followed us for 4 blocks and they were slapping girls butts who passed. Give me a break.”

In the videos, one of the men appears to hit the rapper’s bodyguard with the headphones and both men are shown continuously confronting the group by following them. The men with A$AP can be heard telling the men to stop following them.

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