Wendy Williams offers advice to Lil’ Kim after rapper cancels all appearances with ‘messy’ media outlets

Wendy Williams won't stop until she gets Lil' Kim on her show, even after the rapper canceled all media appearances because of a few "messy" outlets. (Photos courtesy of Getty)

Legendary rapper Lil’ Kim may be pissed at “messy” media outlets for repeatedly asking her disrespectful questions, but that’s not stopping daytime talk show maven Wendy Williams from shooting her shot.

According to pop culture news website, TooFab, Lil’ Kim canceled an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse this week because she had grown weary of being the butt of people’s jokes when doing press.

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In a fiery rant posted on her Instagram page earlier this week, the hip hop legend explained that even though she had “a bunch of press” lined up to promote her upcoming VH1 show, Girls Cruise, both her publicist and manager made the “executive decision to shut it down.”

“Sh*t be deeper than what y’all f–king know,” she declared in the clip.

“If y’all don’t see me doing press or y’all don’t seen me doing certain things, it’s cause I’m fighting, I’m f–king fighting and I’m not f–king just about to have mother f–kers not put respect on my name.”

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When Williams heard the news, she addressed it on her show, and asked the entertainer to be objective and reconsider her stance. Williams admitted that Kim has postponed interviews with her as well in the past.

“When you were to come on Wendy, I already knew even before your publicist or you, whoever was going to try to lay down some laws of what I can’t ask, I wasn’t going to dwell on plastic surgery,” said Williams, “but I would make mention.”

“There’s no way to get around plastic surgery, there’s no way to get around allegation of skin bleaching, there’s no way to get around stuff,” she continued. “But I wasn’t going dwell on that. I was happy to have Kim here. All hail the queen!”

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“I don’t blame you, because a lot of people might not respect your status,” Wendy later conceded, noting that she personally believes Kim is both “an icon and a legend.”

Here’s what Kim had to say. In true Lil Kim fashion, her comments are NSFW.


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