This week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared his views about the ongoing and heated debate about the wrongful police death of Eric Garner, and didn’t have many kind things to say about Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to the NY Post, Wednesday Cuomo attacked the mayor for taking such a long time to bring administrative charges against the cop involved, Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

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“This is an issue that should have been handled by the New York authorities much earlier on,” Cuomo told the media at a completely unrelated press conference in Lower Manhattan. “How do you say no one did anything wrong, and no one is disciplined and no one is punished, but Eric Garner is gone.”

“But the best course for the city and for the NYPD is when and if someone does something wrong, you know what you say?” he added. “The person did something wrong. That actually increases the credibility of the city and the police department.”

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Despite his scathing critique, Cuomo declined to say whether he believed Pantaleo should keep his job and instead chose to echo a sentiment frequently uttered by de Blasio, who also chose not to comment on the officer’s future with the department.

“That’s a decision for the NYPD and New York City,” he responded. “But I believe the facts should be reviewed and justice should be done and it shouldn’t be political.”

“What happened to Eric Garner is a tragedy. The fact that the Garner family has waited five years is unspeakable,” said de Blasio’s press secretary Freddi Goldstein when asked about Cuomo’s criticism. “We should never have put our faith in the federal government and we’ll never make that mistake again.”

“The City’s disciplinary process is underway and a decision is expected by August 31,” she added.

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