Michael Jackson’s former publicist makes ‘major announcement’ on singer’s legacy

Social media had a field day dissecting the unusual press event meant to defend Jackson's name

Thursday morning, Michael Jackson's former spokesperson's Raymone K. Bain sparked a bit of a media frenzy when she cryptically called together a press conference to make a "major announcement" about her friend's legacy.

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Michael Jackson's elementary school has decided not to remove his name from the auditorium. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Thursday morning, Michael Jackson’s former spokesperson’s Raymone K. Bain sparked a bit of a media frenzy when she cryptically called together a press conference to make a “major announcement” about her friend’s legacy.

“Michael Jackson … has been a victim since his death,” said Bain during a news conference in Washington, DC.

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She then addressed Leaving Neverland, HBO’s 2019 documentary that graphically examined some of the more disturbing allegations against Jackson. Not surprisingly she slammed the film for being, “biased, one-sided documentary,” and was visibly dismayed that it has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards.

“Michael Jackson is no punching bag, and he deserves better,” she informed the press, encouraging them to cancel their subscriptions to HBO because of it. Jackson’s family has also condemned the film, calling it a “public lynching.”

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The whole event was shrouded in mystery, but was clearly meant as a tribute to Jackson, as evidenced by the life sized pictured of him placed behind the podium, and the fact that the press was made to listen to several Jackson hits like “You Are Not Alone” and “You Rock My World” while waiting for the proceedings to begin.

After going on several tangents about everything from Jackson’s will to Donald Trump, MJ’s former general manager, and the president and COO of the Michael Jackson company, finally revealed why she’d summoned the media, announcing that a new foundation was being formed in the late singer’s name.

Bain explained the foundation is being set up in hopes that it will “preserve, protect and defend all Michael Jackson did in his life.”

When when asked about where the money will come from since she doesn’t have any money from Jackson’s estate, she responded, “Fundraising and private funds.”

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