High School

The mother of an Georgia high school student is outraged after a video of her daughter engaged in a fight shows a resource officer using excessive force against the teenage girl.

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Alma Grandy claims her 15-year-old daughter Mikkia Grandy was involved in a fight at Newton High School in Covington, Georgia and she says a video shows the school’s research officer slamming the child into a wall while trying to break it up on August 14.

Mikkia was fighting another student when the resource officer arrived to break up the altercation.

“It hurts when you see your child roughed up like that,” Alma Grandy told WSB.

Grandy alleged that the resource officer used extreme measures and choked Mikkia and slammed her up against the wall. She also said the officer dug his elbow into Mikkia’s neck while she was on the ground.

“That’s not how you supposed to break a fight up. If anything, he should have like picked me up and said, ‘Just stop fighting,'” Mikkia said.

Now the concerned mom wants the deputy to face charges for allegedly using excessive force.

“I send my daughter to school to be safe, not to be hurt like that, especially from somebody from the school,” the mother said.

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An investigation has been launched by the Sheriff’s office and the deputy has since been reassigned to the patrol division, WSBTV reports.

Mikkia said according to her doctor, she is suffering from swelling in her back and shoulder region.

WSB reports that Mikkia, and the other student involved in the fight, could be disciplined for disorderly conduct and disrupting the operation of a public school.