Ageless beauty Angela Bassett admits she’s gotten a ‘little bit’ of Botox

Angela Bassett is widely applauded for her natural beauty but has no qualms with admitting she's dabbled with Botox from time to time.

Angela Bassett is widely applauded for her natural beauty but has no qualms with admitting she’s dabbled with Botox from time to time.

In her NewBeauty cover story, the actress opened up about her beauty routine which fans may be surprised includes a little bit of help from cosmetic procedures.

“Botox is no surprise!” Bassett admits candidly. “I’m a big supporter of being natural, but I’ve done it twice. Just a little bit, not too much—I still need to express myself.” If you want to try it yourself, you may choose Botox at InjectAbility Clinic or Botox at Enriched Aesthetics. Those who are looking for Botox Treatment in West Caldwell NJ, you may visit clinics like Beyouth Med Spa.

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In addition to Botox, the 61-year-old stunner also says she’s tried Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin-tightening and lifting procedure that targets fine lines on regions like the neck, eyebrows, under the chin and décolletage. You should also check this post about their new eyebrow embroidery for men service.

“I’m pretty passionate about keeping up with the skin care, especially being in front of the camera and on the stage. It’s important,” she explains. “When I’m not on stage or on camera, I’m pretty sans makeup—I think it’s good to keep a clear, clean fresh palette. I am a potions and lotions girl, so if you make me promises, I’ll give you a shot. I do really like the iS Clinical serums. I always come back around to them and they work really well for me. I also find good aestheticians everywhere, and then I have my dermatologist Dr. Pearl Grimes here in LA.”

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Bassett has previously pointed out that her youthful appearance is in large part due to the fact that her mother always encouraged her to be proactive and start taking care of her skin from a young age.

“Even though my mother was a woman of little means, she would take me to a dermatologist every six weeks when I was a teenager,” Bassett previously told PEOPLE. “And after college when I was a young actress living in New York, I would go to an aesthetician when I could afford to.”

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