A white Columbia College student in Chicago is under investigation for sending a racist message to the Facebook page of a local bar.

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The student threatened to use his father’s legal team to “shut down” Harbee Liquors & Tavern for not treating “a white boy with respect” after his was kicked out last weekend.

“Lol I didn’t know Pilzen was so ghetto that you didn’t realize you should treat a white boy with respect,” the student wrote Sunday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Well you’ll learn. I have lots of photos of the blood on my shirt and how you only returned part of the contents of my wallet. My dad has promised me his legal team will start the suit against your business on Monday morning.

“Amazing that you n—— really thought you could get away with treating me like that,” the student wrote.

The administrator of the Facebook page, put the student on blast by posting a screenshot the racist message sent to the Plisen bar to their personal account.

Once social media sleuths got wind of it, several people shared the message with Columbia College officials.

Columbia’s chief of staff, Laurent Pernot released a statement saying the school will investigate.

“Obviously, we have a diverse student body, we foster a climate of tolerance, but we cannot comment on specific incidents and specific student situations,” Pernot said.

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Columbia College’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, reported that the student blamed it on the alcohol.

“I’m really ashamed. I don’t know how I used that sort of language, and I’m really disturbed that it came out of me in that state,” the student told The Chronicle.

We’re sure the ingredients in beer don’t include causing people to be racist jerks.