Philadelphia Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor is choosing to go high after a fan went low in a recent TV interview about an apartment building fire.

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During a recent game, Agholor dropped the ball eight times and on Monday, Hakim Laws threw some epic shade that ended up going viral and resulted in Agholor offering an olive branch, The Daily Mail reports.

Laws, who talked with a news reporter about a major fire that erupted in an apartment building in West Philadelphia, shared harrowing details about how he and a friend, Nadir Darby, had to step in to help kids escape the blaze.

Laws explained in a hilarious, now-viral soundbite: “My man just started throwing babies out the window, and we was catching them – unlike Agholor,” said Laws.

That hit back is one for the ages and even caught Agholor’s attention. (At least he’s catching something now, right?)

The wide receiver offered Laws and his family tickets to the next Philly home game.

“Thank you for being a hero in the community, would like to invite you and your family to the next home game Twitter help me out and get me in touch with him,” Agholor tweeted Monday night.

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Sounds like the perfect play by Agholor!